100 common errors in english pdf free download

100 common errors in english pdf free download

Longman Dictionary Of Common Errors. Can't find what you're looking for? Try pdfdrive:hope to request a book. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 … 20 Next. Rule Spellings of the number 4 is four and spellings of the number 40 is forty. Correct : A tremendous flash of lightning. Rule Lightning: Natural electrical discharge of very short duration in the atmosphere, accompanied by a bright flash.

Lighting: Equipment in a room, building, or street for producing light. Examples These clouds often bring thunder and lightning. They use fluorescent bulbs for street lighting. Correct : I don't want to lose the job. Rule Loose: Not firmly or tightly fixed in place. Lose: Be deprived of or cease to have or retain something Examples The lid of the container is loose. I don't want to lose her. Rule Passed: Move or cause to move in a specified direction.

Past: Gone by in time and no longer existing. Examples He passed through towns and villages. The danger is now past. Examples Skin cleansing products help remove dirt and germs from the skin surface and pores.

Water poured off the roof. Rule The verb is pronounce but the noun is pronunciation. Correct : You will be informed of its progress, slow though that may be. Rule Though: Despite the fact that; although. Tough: Difficult and requiring determination or effort. Examples Though they were speaking in undertones, I could hear them. We have six tough matches in a row.

Correct : He wore suits that seemed a size too small for him. Rule Two: A number two. Too: To a higher degree than is desirable, permissible, or possible; excessively. Example A romantic weekend for two in Paris. He was driving too fast. Correct : If the weather is good we can go for a walk.

Rule Weather: The state of the atmosphere at a particular place. Whether: Expressing a doubt or choice between alternatives. Example The forecast is for brighter weather after days of rain. He seemed undecided whether to go or stay. Correct : The plane was reduced to a smouldering wreck.

Rule Wreak means to cause a large amount of damage or harm. Wreck means debris or remainder. Examples The wreck of their marriage. Torrential rainstorms wreaked havoc yesterday. Correct : Who's there? Rule Who's: Contraction of Who is or who has. Whose: Belonging to or associated with which person.

Examples Whose round is it? Then there's the blogger who's only blogging because he has no one else to turn to. Correct : Taxes are having an adverse effect on production. Rule Averse means having a strong dislike of or opposition to something. Adverse means harmful or unfavourable Examples Adverse weather conditions. He is averse to smoking. Correct : She is too honest to lie. Rule Don't use so that in the above sentence structure.

It can either be She is too honest to lie or She is so honest that she cannot lie. Example John is too weak to walk.

Rule Ago: Before the present; earlier. For ago, a specific time must be mentioned. Examples I met my wife twenty years ago. Your boss phoned five minutes ago. Before: During the period of time preceding a particular event or time They lived rough for four days before they were arrested Rule Disinterested: Not influenced by considerations of personal advantage.

Uninterested: Lack of interest. Example The financial dispute was settled by a disinterested third party. Many students are uninterested in sports. Rule Generally, a singular verb is used with either. Examples He will buy either the Honda of the Ford. I will eat either ice cream or pancakes. Either the novel or the textbook belongs to John. However, when we have one singular choice and one plural, then the verb agrees with the nearer one.

Examples Either the house or flats are for sale. Either the flats or the house is for sale. Rule Each is singular and their is plural. So use all. Examples All students should have their own lunch. All employees should use their own computers. Rule Use the word better for comparing two people or things and use the word best to compare three or more people or things. Examples Which colour is better, red or blue?

Smith is the best student in the class. Rule The plural of this is these. Use these for nearby things or people. The plural of that is those. Use those for things or people at a distance. Examples You can purchase these dresses now. Later, we may not visit the same mall. I will purchase those dresses next week when I visit the mall. Rule Wait on means to serve.

Wait for means waiting for someone or something. Examples A maid was appointed to wait on her. The children are waiting for their parents. Rule Run is an irregular verb.

Simple past of run: ran Past participle of run: run The above sentence is present perfect so past participle run has to be used. Examples She runs every day. She ran yesterday. They have run every day this week. She asked me about my job. I asked how much the camera cost. When you want somebody to do something, you can use ask someone to:. I asked him to turn off the lights. Martha asked me not to use her computer. I lost my keys! I really miss him! Look at — Direct attention to something.

Do you know where they are? Look up to someone — Admire a person for their good character. Look down on someone — Consider a person to be inferior. Look after — Take care of.

Look into — Investigate. Look forward to — Be happy about something that will happen in the future. Look over — Review, evaluate, check for errors. Look out! That pan is going to fall off the stove. History refers to everything that has happened in the past, especially in the political, economical, and social areas. History is always based in truth and facts. A story may be truth or fiction; it is the description of an event or series of events that is usually told to teach or entertain.

The words to and for are very easy to confuse! Here are some rules:. Use to in these cases:. Comparing I prefer sleeping to working.

Giving I gave the book to my sister. Use for in these cases:. Benefits Yogurt is good for your digestion. Schedule I made an appointment for May 3. Agree with Are you for or against the development of nuclear weapons? Doing something to help someone Could you carry these books for me? I came to New York to work. I came to New York for a new job. Look at these examples:. The new product reached easily 1 million sales. The new product reached 1 million sales easily. The new product easily reached 1 million sales.

English nouns are either countable or uncountable. Countable nouns are things we can count — for example, cats:. My brother has a cat. My sister has two cats. My friend has three cats. Other examples of countable nouns:. Things - book, table, computer, banana, shirt, television, pen, house. People - man, woman, child, friend, brother, sister, uncle, teacher, boss. Ideas and concepts - love, fun, sadness, work, money, peace, safety.

Information - advice, information, news, knowledge. Categories - music, furniture, equipment, jewelry, literature, meat. Michael agreed to help me with my homework after class. My neighbor and I agreed not to play loud music after 10 PM. Think is often followed by of or about, but never to. Also, the correct form of the verb is the - ing form. Trip is a noun and travel is a verb. A trip n. We took a five-day trip to the Amazon.

How was your trip? Travel v. He travels frequently for work. My sister is currently travelling through South America. Travel can be used as a noun to describe the act of travelling in general:. Travel in that region of the country is dangerous. World travel gives you a new perspective. A journey n.

The journey takes 3 hours by plane or 28 hours by bus. He made the mile journey by bike. Remember is when you think of a memory a past experience :. I remember the first time I ever swam in the ocean, when I was 5 years old. Do you remember the great Italian restaurant we ate at in New York? Please remember to wash the dishes after you finish eating lunch. I was already at work when I suddenly remembered I had a dentist appointment at I called the dentist and rescheduled it for the next day.

Is it Alice or Annie? Remind is when a person or thing makes you think about something. My mother reminded me to wash the dishes after I finished eating lunch. The secretary reminded Mr. Greene that he had a meeting at Josh uses the calendar on his cell phone to remind him about important dates. Our shopping list reminds us what we need to buy at the supermarket.

For — three years, two weeks, four days, five hours, ten minutes, decades, centuries. Since — , last June, Monday, I was a child, I graduated from college, my last birthday. Use one when the number is important; when you want to emphasize that it is one not two or three or more :. One of these eggs is rotten, but the others are OK. After despite or in spite of, you can use a noun or the — ing form of a verb:.

The rules for comparatives:. The ice cream is a little more expensive than the candy. The chocolate cake is much more expensive than the candy. We waited in line for three hours to get tickets to the concert.

You need to wait for the computer to finish updating. I hope you get better soon! The traffic is very bad today. Many students confuse the words fun and funny. English class is fun! We had fun at the party.

The movie is really funny. I hope that you feel better soon. I hope you feel better soon. Dan wants some money. Dan wants me to lend him some money. After without, after, and before, use the — ing form of the verb. Please turn off the lights before leaving. My life changed after having kids. Please turn off the lights before you leave.

My life changed after I had kids. Use any- instead:. We also use any- in questions:. Do you know anyone at this party? Are you doing anything at the moment?

Did they travel anywhere during their vacation? Should I buy any of these shoes? Has the teacher given any homework this week? Will he tell anybody my secret? There are two errors in this sentence. The first one is the difference between interesting and interested. This movie is boring. Here are other pairs of adjectives that follow this pattern:. My job is very tiring. This soccer game is really exciting! The problems in m y life are so frustrating. This situation is quite surprising.

All sentences in English need a subject I, you, he, she, we, they, or it — and many students forget the subject it. Here are more examples of common sentences with it:. Can it access the internet?

I like your necklace. Is it real gold? Fabric is a type of material used to make clothes, sheets, blankets, etc. A factory is a place that manufactures products. Robber or Thief n. The robbers ran away from the police. The thief took my laptop and cell phone. The thieves were tall, white men who looked about 22 years old. One had brown hair and the other was blonde. Robbery n. Police are investigating the robbery of the Main Street Bank. The robbery occurred at PM.

Three employees were injured during the armed robbery. Theft n. He was sentenced to eight years in prison for the theft of a motorcycle. We immediately reported the theft to the police.

Ken was accused of identity theft. Rob v.

As of today we have 83, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limitsenjoy it and don't forget to bookmark and share the love! Common Errors in English Usage. Longman Dictionary Of Common Errors. Can't find what you're looking for? Try pdfdrive:hope to request a book. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 … 20 Next. Pdfdrive:hope Give books away. Get books you want. Seek what they sought. Ask yourself: How do I feel about 100 common errors in english pdf free download my "negative" qualities? Am I able 100 common errors in english pdf free download accept my whole self? 100 common errors in english pdf free download 15 pages PDF available for free. Most Common Grammar Errors - Download PDF Incorrect: Smith likes Maths more than English. spacesdoneright.com - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File (​.txt) or read online for free. The list of spelling, usage, and punctuation errors does not include every Although common in regional dialects and in earlier forms of English, the use INCORRECT: Unfortunately, their parents give them free reign on the weekends. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy it and don't forget to bookmark and share the love! Common Errors In English Books. Exact Match. Pages·· MB·4, Downloads·New! and Complete Reference of Common Mistakes in English Usage Deborah K. Williams. Download free pdf english books from Common English errors book PDF at EasyPaceLearning. purpose is to help to correct the common mistakes to which foreign learners reviewed in the light of modern English usage, and the type- faces and 2 Before the words hundred and thousand: A hundred soldiers were trap, to set a clock, to set a price, to set your heart on, to set free, to set an example. spacesdoneright.com Email: [email protected] English language document review and editing specialists. - 1 -. Common English Usage Problems. English with a practical guide to common errors and their correction. It contains the There were above a hundred people in the crowd. There were over a Thank you very much for giving us a little of your free time. A bit and a little blt are​. I believe being able to identify common errors in writing and apply strategies to fix them with ease should always be the first step to becoming a master of English writing. We have six tough matches in a row. Rule Run is an irregular verb. Correct : She has the habit of arriving late. Then there's the blogger who's only blogging because he has no one else to turn to. Correct : You will be informed of its progress, slow though that may be. Examples They know how to write a letter. All of which makes The GrouchyGrammarian the most entertaining, accessible how-not-to guideyou'll ever read. Whether it be in an academic piece of writing, or a simple little text message to your friend, making grammatical errors can be embarrassing and make your writing feel rushed and done with little to no care at all. Important links: About us Our results Work with us. Future Indefinite Tense is not used in this case. 100 common errors in english pdf free download