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226 rows · page generated from database: - -17 19:40:35. ABOUT RELEASES. Release 17. . To is end 3GPP is taking a detailed review of e progress of its Rel-17 work program and will determine a completion schedule and all necessary means to adhere to is schedule at e upcoming TSG plenary meetings in ember. TSG RAN Plenary: TSG RAN WG1: Radio Layer 1 specification: TSG RAN WG2: Radio Layer 2 and Radio Layer 3 RR specification: TSG RAN WG3: Iub Iur and Iu specification - UTRAN O&M requirements: TSG RAN WG4: Radio performance and protocol aspects (system) - RF parameters and BS conformance: TSG RAN WG5: Mobile terminal conformance testing: TSG RAN WG6. TSG RAN WG1: imported from 3GU: R4‑162693: LS on LTE Rel-13 UE feature list (R1-161547 Source: TSG RAN WG1, To: TSG RAN WG2, Cc: TSG RAN WG3 and RAN 4) TSG RAN WG1: imported from 3GU: R4‑162694: Response LS on maximum UL Transmission timing difference in dual connectivity (R2-161998 Source: TSG RAN WG2, To: TSG RAN WG4, Cc: TSG RAN WG1) TSG. page generated from database: - -17 19:40:35. ABOUT RELEASES. Release 18. Release 17. Release 16. Release 15. Release 14. RP-090365: o er: TitleRevision of RAN2 REL-8 CRs for 3.331 on Feature Group Indicators: SourceTSG RAN WG2- ision: RAN43. 3GPP TSG GERAN Work Plan: Editor- ision: GERAN60: GP-131133: (To: TSG SA WG2, TSG RAN WG2, TSG CT WG1) TSG GERAN WG2- ision: GERAN60: GP-131118: o er: Draft CR 24.008 Disabling e request and provisioning of E-UTRAN inter RAT handover information: Meeting Minutes of BTS Energy Savings telco13: SI Rapporteur- ision: GERAN60. Select TSG/WG. All TSGs. 3GPP CT. Plenary 3GPP CT. 3GPP CT 1. 3GPP CT 2 (closed) 3GPP CT 3. 3GPP CT 4. 3GPP CT 5 (closed) 3GPP OP IMPROVE (closed) 3GPP PCG. Plenary 3GPP PCG. 3GPP PCG WP. 3GPP RAN. Plenary 3GPP RAN. 3GPP RAN 1. 3GPP RAN 2. 3GPP RAN 3. 3GPP RAN 4. 3GPP RAN 5. 3GPP RAN 6 (closed) 3GPP RAN AHG-ITU. 3GPP SA. Plenary 3GPP SA. Response LS to TSG RAN on ision for NW interface option for ETWS support: TSG SA- ision: SA40: SP-080439: isions and actions from 3GPP PCG Meeting20, Juan Les Pins, France, 22 April 2008: TSG SA Chairman- ision: SA40: SP-080396: RAN WG2- ision: SA40: SP-080239: o er: LS Reply (from OMA) to 3GPP on Transfer of OSA API. TSG GERAN WG2 63 Meeting Report: MCC- ision: GERAN63: GP-140715: o er: process and deliverables for e future development of International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) (To: 3GPP TSG RAN ITU-R Ad Hoc, Cc: 3GPP TSG RAN) 3GPP TSG GERAN- ision: GERAN63: GP-140689: Meeting Minutes of BTS Energy Savings telco15: SI Rapporteur. In ese meetings it undertakes a number of functions including: final adoption of 3GPP Technical Specification Group work items, ratification of election results. and ratification of e 3GPP resources. e PCG manages e various Specifications Group areas. TSG RAN. e RAN or Radio Access Network specifications groups are known as TSG RAN. 3GPP Technical Specification Groups (TSGs) and Working Groups (WGs) e Project Co-ordination Group (PCG) is responsible for overall time-frame and management of technical work to ensure at e 3GPP specifications are produced in a timely manner as required by e ket place according to e principles and rules contained in e Project reference documentation. Response to LS (R4-090764) to External Organizations - REQUEST FOR INPUT FOR A REVISION OF RECOMMENDATION ITU-R M.1801 (RP-08 81 Source: ITU-R WP 5A, To: TSG RAN, Cc: TSG RAN 4) RAN4 ision. ember, 3GPP Overview 13 TSG RAN Radio Access Network RAN WG1 Radio Layer 1 spec RAN WG2 Radio Layer 2 spec Radio Layer 3 RR spec RAN WG3 lub spec, lur spec, lu spec UTRAN O&M requirements (Radio CN Interfaces) in meetings 3GPP . Fur er prior art is known from 3GPP support team: R2 - 07 2131 Draft (1) minutes of e 57bis TSG-RAN WG2 meeting, 3GPP TSG - RAN WG2 meeting 58, 07-11 2007. In e latter document, a contention based random access procedure is proposed as a fall-back in case a contention-free random access procedure fails. Meeting Minutes: Transport Area Working Group WG Title: Minutes IETF 6: tsvwg: State: Active: O er versions: plain text: Last updated: -12-04: Meeting Minutes minutes- 6-tsvwg. 3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 Meeting 111 electronic R2-200xxxx 17 st ust – 28 ust Agenda Item: 7.2.4 Source: ZTE (email discussion rapporteur) Title: Report of [AT111-e][403][eMTC R16] Clarification on subframe level resource reservation (ZTE) Document for: Discussion and ision 1 Scope of e offline email discussion is document contains e sum y of e offline email . 3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 Meeting 3bis R2-1815843 181xxxx Chengdu, China, 8-12 ust Title: DRAFT Reply LS on RAN4 design on channel bandwid Response to: R4-1811905 / R2-1813541 Release: Release 15 Work Item: NR_newRAT-Core Source: Qualcomm Incorporated To: RAN4 Cc: RAN1 Contact Person: Name: Masato Kitazoe E-mail Address: mkitazoe [at] . 3GPP 1 3GPP TSG RA WG1 Meeting 86 R1-167593 Go enburg, Sweden, ust 22-26, Source: Cohere Technologies Title: Performance evaluation of OTFS waveform in single user scenarios Agenda item: Document for: Discussion. Introduction Several candidate waveforms for NR have been presented and discussed at e past two RAN1 meetings. Change Request, 3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 Meeting 29, Tdoc R2-0209, ASUSTeK, pp. 1-6, 2002. A3: Handling abnormal UMD PDUs and AMD PDUs, and referred to e minutes of e oral proceedings held in case T 786/11, which was treated by e same board in a different composition, as evidence at e requested change of address did not. `3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 meeting 62, Release of semi-persistent `resources, Qualcomm Europe, R2-082500 (was R2-081828), It can take up to 5 minutes for us to download a document if e court servers are running slowly. ank you for your continued patience. As of April , 3GPP is composed of more an 370 individual members. Specification work is done at WG and at TSG level: e 3GPP WGs hold several meetings a year. ey prepare and discuss change requests against 3GPP specifications. A change request accepted at WG level is called agreed. e 3GPP TSGs hold plenary meetings quarterly. A me od for a wireless communications system is disclosed. In one example, a user equipment (UE) (e.g. a mobile phone), receives an indication from a network about one or more UE beams at e UE can use for transmission or reception. e UE uses e one or more UE beams for transmission or reception. If and when a certain condition is fulfilled, for example, ere is a beam tracking failure. 27,  · us, e person skilled in e field of 3GPP-based mobile networks would not arrive at is combination wi out e use of hindsight. 1.1.7 Prior-art documents D4 and D6 were cited by e examining division in relation to distinguishing feature (b). ETSI MCC, R2- 1881: Report of 3GPP TSG RAN WG2 Meeting 68bis, 3GPP TSG RAN WG2 Mtg. 68bis, Feb. 20. Snoop based group communication scheme in cellular Machine-to-Machine communications. According to R2-164306 (3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 94), e 3GPP desires to study e deployments of cell layouts for standalone NR in macro cells, heterogeneous cells and small cells. According to 3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 94 meeting minutes for e 23-26, meeting, one NR eNB corresponds to . D1: Nokia Siemens Networks, MCCH Content and Transmission, document R2-073086, 3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 Meeting 59, 20-24 ust 2007. III. e board's ision also refers to e following document cited during e examination procedure: D4: Nortel, Hierarchical MCCH, Tdoc R2-072477, 3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 Meeting 58bis, 25-29 e 2007. IV. Filing 1852 ORDER Regarding Admitted Exhibits List. Signed by Judge Lucy H. Koh on 8/19/. (lhklc2, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 8/20/). During e period of 11-15 ch 2002, 3GPP2 TSG-C meetings were held at e Kobe International Conference Center in Kobe, Japan. is document is intended to sum ize ose proceedings. OPENING PLENARY. CALL TO ORDER AND OPENING RE KS: e meeting was called to order at 9:50 AM local time on 11 ch 2002 by TSG-C Chair, Jean Alphonse. Review and approve joint minutes from e Beijing, ch meeting. Any objection to approving e ch minutes 11-14-0287r1 by unanimous consent. Moved: Stephen McCann, 2nd: Jon Rosdahl. Following nei er discussion nor dissent ese minutes were approved by unanimous consent. Attendance. Welcome to e new participants in. 26,  · In 3GPP TSG RAN WG2 94 meeting minutes, RAN2 concluded e following agreements including:. Sending a PDCP PDUs to WLAN is based on some eNB control wi out impacting existing WLAN MAC. (is eliminates full per packet eNB scheduling of WLAN and eliminates full UE implementation). 2. Only support split bearer type for Rel-14 eLWA UL. 3. 30,  · D1: Bundling Issues, 3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 Meeting 62bis, document R2-083 7, pp. 1-5, y 2008. II. Wi e statement setting out e grounds of appeal, e appellant re-filed e claims of e main request and e auxiliary requests underlying e appealed ision as its main request and first to ird auxiliary requests. Evolution Meeting (S00-20030317-008) was presented from TSG-X. e WG2 Chair noted at e meeting dates indicated in e correspondence • 3GPP-SA5 and T1M1: A 3GPP TSG-SA5 Liaison statement dated 28 February 2003 regarding Completion of R4-based 3GPP2 OAM&P Delta Specification (S.S0028-A) (S00-20030317-017) was presented from 3GPP TSG. 1/4 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 Meeting NR R1-1700859 Spokane, USA, 16 - 20 uary Agenda item: – 4 step RA Procedure Source: Cohere Technologies Title: Discussion on RACH procedure and Resources Document for: Discussion and ision 1 Introduction In RAN187 meeting [1], a few agreements on e RACH procedure and on RACH resources were. e radio aspects are standardised in TSG-RAN. e technical work is done in e 4 Working Groups of RAN (WG1 radio layer 1, WG2 radio layer 2/3, WG3 interfaces, WG4 RF measurements). I'd say you are interested in TSG-RAN WG1 en. eir specifications are numbered 25.2xx. DESCRIPTION OF EXHIBIT OFRD [Meredi Exhibit 51] PTX-0252 R2-060990 entitled LTE MAC scheduling wi TP, 3GPP TSG-RAN2 Meeting 52, A ens, Greece, 27-31 ch, 2006 PTX-0253 R2-060988 3GPP RAN1/RAN2 joint meeting on LTE document entitled PCH mapping and Paging control, A ens, Greece, 27-31 ch, 2006 [Meredi Exhibit 49] PTX-0254 R2-061152. 04,  · TSG Plenary Status TSG Topic SA RAN 3GPP Project Name Study Item Work Item Study Item Work Item Indoor Positioning Enhancement / ELIOT 67 64 Licensed-Assisted Access using LTE 65 68 Single-Cell Point To Multipoint (SC-PTM) transmission 66 68 LTE support for V2X service / LTE-based V2X Services 67 69 68 Extended Proximity-based Services. dated 20 -20-27 [typo: 20 - -27] Juho Lee's ust 12, 2004 e-mail and attachment Samsung Proposal R1-040859 at TSG RAN WG1 38 . 12, 2004) Email from Sungsik Lee dated ch 2, 20 Email from Sangwook Han dated ober 28, 20 Photos of e Diamondtouch System Japanese design patent JP D1241638 (JP638 ) Court's Limiting. Sum y of Facts and Submissions. I. e appeal is against e ision of e examining division to refuse e present European patent application for lack of inventive step (Article 56 EPC), having regard to e disclosure of. During e period of 11-14 e 2001, a meeting of 3GPP2 TSG-S was held at e Metropolitan Hotel in Vancouver, BC. is report is intended to sum ize ose discussions. OPENING PLENARY. CALL TO ORDER AND OPENING RE KS: e meeting was called to order on 11 e 2001 at 1:30 PM local time by TSG-S Chair, Rich Robinson (Sprint PCS). APLNDC‐WH‐A0000029891 KED is exhibit is being offered as Michael Walker. evidence of Samsung’s failure to timely disclose IPR to ETSI and 3GPP Hyong Kim N/A SAMNDCA00136296 Soeng Hun Kim is exhibit is being offered as evidence of Samsung's contractual obligations and its failure to timely disclose IPR to ETSI and3GPP TSG‐RAN WG2. priority, 3GPP TSG RAN WG1/WG2 Joint Meeting. D2: Enhanced Symbol Mapping me od for e, and e skilled person's common general knowledge as evidenced by. D7: TS 25.212 V1.0.0, 3GPP TSG RAN WG1, Multiplexing and channel coding (FDD), pp. 1-38, April 1999. and estimations by 3GPP, which where discussed at e TSG-RAN WG2 meeting 53. A list of e discussed documents is given in e respective minutes [3, Sec.11.3.2]. Latency assessments available in literature are commonly based on estimations. Pure LTE delay estimations can be found in 3GPP documents [3], in early scientific publications [4]. 3GPP TSG-RAN WG1 84b R1-162199.. 1. In each run, an average power is computed, and samples wi energy exceeding a given reshold above e average power is clipped. Notice at when e clipping reshold is 6dB above average, e OOB leakage is noticeably higher an e no clipping case. However, it is still noticeably better an. A me od for a wireless communications system is disclosed. In one example, user equipment (UE) maintains at least one serving beam, and uses a serving beam to perform an uplink (UL) transmission of data. e data is stored in an uplink hybrid automatic repeat request (UL HARQ) buffer. When ere is a failure to track e serving beam, a beam recovery procedure is initialized. 3GPP TSG-RAN WG4 (Radio) Meeting 60 R4-113985 A ens, Greece, 22 – 26 ust Agenda Item: 9.7.3 Source: Alcatel-Lucent Title: BS to BS coexistence between Band 12/17 and additional new 716-728 downlink Document for: Discussion. Introduction. A me od for controlling discontinuous reception in a wireless transmit/receive unit includes defining a plurality of DRX levels, wherein each DRX level includes a respective DRX cycle leng and transitioning between DRX levels based on a set of criteria.

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