a university grammar of english pdf free download

a university grammar of english pdf free download

University English Grammar Book. Fletcher Longman. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Related Searches A university grammar of english Quirk grammar Quirk. Quynh Nguyen. Mario Dario Soria. Veronika Kostrouchova.

It provides practice in applying the Grammar's principles and criteria and in dealing with many of the problems that the Grammar explains. The majority of the sentences, and all of the longer passages, that have been included as exercise material have been taken or adapted from authentic modern texts.

Anyone attempting to use the Workbook will immediately see that the exercises in it are not self-explanatory: they cannot be done properly-and in some cases cannot even be begun-until the relevant chapter or section of the Grammar has been carefully read. The exercises follow the order of the Grammar strictly.

Vllhether the exercises are done in the order in which they have been set, and exactly how they are done, are questions that are left to the judgment of the teacher conducting his own class, or to the student working on his own. The teacher may decide that a certain exercise is beyond the' students he is teaching at the time. In that case the exercise can be done later. Sometimes an exercise can be profitably discussed in class before the students attempt to answer it on their own; and discussion on an exercise must involve reading and discussion of the relevant section of the Grammar.

Where tables are shown in the Work- book, this has only been done as an indication of how the student might present certain information in tabulated form. Answers to exercises will be found in a key at the back of the Workbook. The objects of this key are a to give examples of the kind of answer expected, b to indicate what would be acceptable usage in cases where such information is not easily deducible from the Grammar, and c to provide, by symbols, a means of checking correct answers when this can be done objectively.

Answers have not been provided for every item in every exercise, for the reason that the author, having given examples of what sort of answer is required, has felt justified in hoping that students would be able to continue I on their own. Their ability to do that depends, of course, on how well they will I il have studied the Grammar. I; 1, ii It should be emphasized that other answers than those given in the key may. But teachers and students may rest assured that the answers given in the key are acceptable and can be safely adopted.

Exercise 1 Select one item from the left-hand column to replace each dash in the sentence on the right, so as to produce a statement equivalent in meaning to one made or implied in the first chapter.

Scottish, Canadian, regional, older, provincial 2 superior, One particular regional variety is l , - - - to the others in inferior, equally every respect, and none need be regarded as b - - - ' related, equivalent, equal '. The purpose of this exercise is to accustom the student to use the terms register etc. Teachers will no doubt wish to discuss the exercise in class before it is attempted by the students. Ideas on the subject of it will be found 8 social Whether a speaker decides to use formal or informal not only in Chapter One of the Grammar but also in Crystal and Davy, Investigating English Style relationship, English depends partly on his a - - - to his audience, see the Bibliography in the Grammar.

I have recently been in correspondence with Messrs X and Y, Architects, attitude, what, concerning a number of irregularities which existed in the water supply why, whether installation at your Centre. Also a writing-desk extension which you can fit to it.

Open tap fully to make sure water is shut off properly and leave open. Sift dry ingredients and add. Stir in raisins. I guess I've eaten chicken six or seven times. What are you going to do when you grow up? I don't know. Rescue teams planned to set. There were two test pilots and two other crew on In doing Exercises , the student may be performing operations with which board. The overlap is deliberate, Exercise 3 the main object of Exercises being to give the student confidence, before Quote, from each of the twelve extracts in Exercise 2, three or four grammatical he proceeds with a study of the rest of the Grammar, in using the sort of criteria constructions which you would consider as belonging unmistakably to a introduced in Chapter Two.

Operators Exercise 4 Identify the whole of the subject of each of the sentences below. Give two different transforms 3 Full-scale computers use a large number of programs. V- S A -V 0 3 Do you call ayourself a bdoctor? I can't get bwarm. Keep b thoSeCi1ildren cquiet. Subordinate or dependent clauses 19 His in-laws had simply made ahim btheir servant. Pick out the subordinate or dependent clause in each of the sentences below.

Show Cme. Label the constituent parts, both of the main clause and of the subordinate 23 Did you see aanyone? Did you say banything? Exercise 8 2 What that advertisement says is not true. The following terms can be used with reference to verbs: 3 What that advertisement says, I simply don't believe. Indicate, by the letters a, b, c, etc. Note that more than one label 9 Where the plane crashed, the snow is still falling heavily.

I Do you understand the question? Objects and cmoplements 3 He appeared rather worried. Exercise 7 4 The mist is disappearing slowly. Cs or the object complement Co : 7 He offered her his hand hesitatingly. I Exercise 9 -L-- Use one of the eight terms in the instructions to Exercise 8 to fill each gap in Linguistic structures the sentences below most appropriately: ' Exercise 11 A part.

Exercise 10 2 The Great Fire of London started in a bakery. Read the following passages: 3 It burnt furiously for four days. It started in a bakery in 5 Who has given a vivid account of it? Pudding Lane, near London Bridge.

It burnt furiously, and in four days 6 The man who has just spoken is Benja,min Hall. It left about , people homeless. Samuel Pepys, the diarist, saw the fire from his home and has given us a vivid account of it. It is not a clock, as many people think, but a huge bell inside 11 Leaving us at the gate, they disappeared. The Government awarded the contract for making it to Frederick Dent. In , the bell was finished, and members suddenly 12 Leaving us at the gate like that was very thoughtless.

Then, only using information contained in those two passages, form two. Exercise 12 2 I never imagined that such a thing could happen. If a word is underlined more 3 An idea suddenly occurred to the Members present. I I 2 One 'cannot right all the wrongs in the world. Don't let it get cold. Exercise 13 20 If you haven't renewed it, you should renew it. Indicate whether the underlined verb phrases are stative or dynamic in the context given: Wh-questions Exercise 15 1 This tank holds precisely 10 litres.

Form Wh-questions which will precisely elicit, as answers, the underlined parts 2 Hold the handle very firmly. I bwas driving too fast. Pro-forms 12 Three inches of rain fell last night. Exercise 14 13 It is four miles from here to the station. Replace each underlined part by a pro-form which may consist of more than 14 It will only take you ten minutes to get there by car.

Have you finished this chapter yet? The object of Exercises is to help the student to make accurate state- 4 Then why haven't you finished it yet?

Exercises provide practice in applying the rules and information given in Chapter Three. Exercise 17 10 Haven't you got anything to do, either? Select one item from the left-hand column to replace each dash in the sen- tences below, so as to prod. Aa A simple verb phrase that is not a pro-form can consist an only of a - - - b - - - verb.

One that is a pro-form auxiliary can only consist of c - - - d - - - ' form 2 The verb phrase must be seen contains three as. B base 6 Regular verbs are a--'- verbs whose b - -. Note: it is not suggested that answers should be written operator with the subject of the sentence.

Then indicate whether each verb phrase is finite or non-finite. If it has overt concord, quote its subject. Group 4 A Die, doctor? That is the last thing I intend to do. Every man found guilty of treachery pays the penalty. Exercise 23 E Somebody bring me a map and show me where we are. Rapid drill in the use of irregular verbs. Make up dialogues, on the following F I do understand. Please do believe what I'm trying to tell you.

Change the sentences below in the way indicated by the detailed instructions. DO 8 Nobody could beat him in those days.

Exercise 26 9 The municipality is building two new bridges. Indicate, by the symbol a, b, or c, etc. A Dol do 2 me a favour. B How dOl you do 2? C I dOl know you did 2 your best.

D I don't l smoke, and nor does 2 Henry. E Don't l do 2 that, please! F A Did l you tell me you'd be away? B But I did2 post it.

H I didn't l do 2 any damage. I DOl that again. I didn't2 see it properly. J DOl stop! You know it annoys me, don't 2 you? Dynamic and stative verbs Exercise 27 Question tags and contracted forms Indicate, by a symbol a, b or c, etc. For the negative, use the contracted form. When alternative forms, b a process that someone or something can undergo eg haven't and don't are acceptable, give both forms. It consider what action to take next. He have a visitor. He dictate letters. He drive those enormous juggernauts.

A As soon as I know l , I'll ring 2 you up. I try to learn this page by heart. B Somebody is waiting 1 to speak2 to me. The old man die. B The doctor is on his way. He just leave his house. D You're forgetting 1 everything I told 2 you. Nothing matter now. E I heard 1 that dog barking 2 all night. I understand perfectly.

F I can't walk 1 any farther. My leg is hurting 2 badly. G Please stopl. You're hurting 2 my leg. Progressive aspect, past H We consider 1 that the situation has become 2 too serious.

Exercise 29 I We must considerl carefully how to proceed. Use only the J I've weighed 1 your suitcase. It weighs 2 22 kilos. K Does this rule applyl to everyone who applies 2 for this post? L Would you like 1 to taste 2 this wine? She drown but that handsome young man dive in and save M Tell! N We growl our own vegetables and always have 2 enough. I not hear you. P I can't remember 1 who this belongs2 to.

Fasten 2 your seat belt. All the people who wait R FeeF that radiator. Does it feef very hot? S I'm getting l tired. Would you gee me a chair? We eat it all last night. In any case, T A The city extends 1 for miles and miles. B Yes, and they're extending 2 it all the time. I think that something terrible happen , so I run away.

Progressive aspect, 6 At school, we study two foreign languages. Exercise 28 7 As a boy, I always read - I always have my nose in a book. Write either the simple or the progressive form of the verb in. As you have consider appropriate.

Use only the present tense and non-perfective aspect: breakfast, I not disturb you at the time. B I'm upstairs. I have a bath. Progressive, present perfect 2 I have something to say to you. Exercise 30 3 Hurry up. The train just come in. Write either the non-progressive or the progressive form of the present perfect, 4 The Nile flow into the Mediterranean. It rain.

I read her latest novel, but I not 7 Look out! The ceiling fall in! What exactly you come for now? Why the train stop? B That's an right. I forgive you. It's Covington. But our next door neighbours be very helpful when we first In many cases, either the non-progressive or the progressive form of the verb move in. We need your help to maintenance this website. Thomson University of Pedagogy.

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