action and adventure games for mobile free download

action and adventure games for mobile free download

Important Features Ultra-realistic graphics with astonishing sound. Find hilarious animal characters and talk to them. Easy and simple thumb control with smooth touch control. Small memory space required so, it will keep too much of your phone space. Tons of interesting levels to enjoy and rewards to earn. Important Features Lead your whole team to a place through a single swipe. Choose your adventure and try to survive alone on that island. Experience a huge open-world adventure.

Countless mini-games hidden under the hoods in this game that will let you have the taste of multiple games. Many interesting missions that you can complete and get rewarded. Uncover a terrible truth about this thinker island. Important Features Hundreds of hidden objects that you have to find out. This game has multiple levels to play and enjoy. Different views allow you to find more objects and go forward. A brilliant 3D environment that will keep you speechless.

Click on help if you ever get stuck in any situation. This game supports 15 languages. Qualification as Rogue Lastly, I will suggest you a mind-blowing game.

Important Features Fluid and fast dynamic systems allow users to play faster. Gather powerful items and gears to gain life span. Explore underground secret prisons and towns.

Fight against the wrecked and dangerous enemies. Astonishing graphics from minimum resources. Tags Android Games. Please enter your comment! Bring a mysterious island's secrets to the surface!

Join Nancy as she investigates a real Hollywood mystery! Do you have what it takes to help Nancy unravel the mystery? Thwart the kidnapper in this riveting detective adventure!

The game of neighbourhood nastiness and community commotion! Stories can be deadly Can you save your boyfriend before it's too late? The Abomination threatens to erase all of existence! Can you stop it in Nevertales: The Abomination.

Help stop a dangerous criminal surrounded by lightning! Make sure the modern outbreak remains dormant! Unravel a challenging mystery with your puzzle-solving wit! Unlock sinister secrets and help Keira Vale reclaim her past!

Uncover ecrets of the past in your pursuit of an undead pirate! Destroy the captain's cursed ring! In Obscure Legends - Curse of the Ring. Photos capture more than memories. Can you save your new friend before it's too late?

Their armor hides a dark secret. A humorous adventure in the tradition of Maniac Mansion! What treasure did Corwin find? Will you help your captors find the greatest treasure on earth? Journey with Sam into Dark Land to meet new friends! An action game that takes place in the dreams of a child once troubled by a tragic incident! Achieve the dream of island living in this fun simulation game!

Unravel the mystery of desolate mansion to find your son! Go undercover as a security guard! Can you save the town from a maniacal specter in time? Will you be able to predict the assassin's next step?

And solve the Murder Case in time? Join Peter Pan and Wendy on a magical journey through Neverland! Solve the obscure mystery that has plagued the town! Something dark roams Logan's Castle What's lurking in the shadows? There's more to this resort than meets the eye. Stay alert Stay alive. Carrying many lives on your shoulders, you must balance on the tightrope between life and death. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars can be fun, when it works.

Life imitates art with deadly results in this thrilling whodunit. Track down a killer in a remote European castle! No one's as they appear Can you solve the mystery behind a local woman's death?

Who's really behind the kidnappings. Can you save a womans fiance before it's too late. Help Putt Putt find the missing baby animals in the zoo. Travel with Putt Putt through time to find important items! Help king Robert investigate a series of kidnappings where the victims are children!

Santa Claus has arrived! It's Christmas time and the Queen decided to celebrate! A simple crime of passion or something more deeper and evil? A cab ride takes a dark turn when you get stuck in a cemetery. Can you help the spirits find peace? Stop the bitter Spirit of Cold from killing your ancestors! When entertainment turns to fear Save the cemetery's trapped souls! The tides of time are against you Family heirlooms can be dangerous Can you save your world from darkness in time?

Art can take deadly forms Remedy Rush won't cure what ails ya, but it's still fun. Every nook and cranny holds another piece of the mystery. An adventure-packed action game! Windows action adventure games for windows 10 action games action games for windows action games for windows Diner Dash 2 1 3. Free Game for Puzzle Fans Diner Dash 2 is a fast paced puzzle game that follows the same theme and style as the original offering.

Windows action adventure games free adventure game for windows 7 diner dash diner dash for windows. Unleash the alien in you You will never be too old to enjoy alien transformations.

Android 3d adventure games 3d adventure games for android 3d games 3d graphics games 3d graphics games for android. Spider Web of Shadows Fight 2 4. Free Fire Hack diamond and coins. Digital World. Bob's World - Super Run.

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Motu Patlu Cycling Adventure 1. Android action adventure games action adventure games for android action adventure games free cycling games. Simulator Of Hello Neighbor 1 4. Free Simulator for Adventure Fans Simulator Of Hello Neighbor is a special simulator that allows users to enjoy the fun of one of the most popular adventure simulation games in a whole new Android action adventure games action adventure games for android action adventure games free hello hello.

A free Adventure app for Android Shall we date? You move levels around because each level is the puzzle. Players are treated to optical illusions, a vague but fun story, and a consistent experience through two games. The only gripe we have is the length of the game. These games are a little short.

You play as a struggling Viking who wants to restore his honor. You adventure across the game world in order to do just that. The game has smooth game play, excellent controls, and excellent level design.

Plus it hits all of the extras with hardware controller support, Google Play Games cloud saves, and it works offline once you get all of the data downloaded. The game is a bit short at only 24 levels, but each level has a 3-star rating system to encourage replayability. Samsara Room. Serafina's Saga. An interactive novel about family, love, and royal confusion. Woodsy Studio. Undertale Wonder what if undertale was made back in ? Pure Jam Games. Witch Spell.

Suggest description for this tag. Explore Adventure games for Android on itch. Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. Filter Results Clear. Input methods. Average session length. Multiplayer features. Accessibility features. Essential LGBT. GrayBeast's Collection. MaySama's Collection. Finished Projects. Sort by. Visual Novel. Story Rich. Female Protagonist. Pixel Art. View all tags. New itch. Subscribe for game action and adventure games for mobile free download, clips, and more. action and adventure games for mobile free download Download Action Adventure Games Free For Android - Best Software & Apps King of Thieves is a free-to-play mobile game in which you take on the role of a. Download Action Adventure Games. Free and safe download. Download Action Adventure Games - Best Software & Apps Since then, its popularity only increased, and the game was released on mobile in Android · Mac · action. So, this time I have decided to gather some of the best Adventure Games for But this is a very complicated genre as it contains games of almost all other genres like arcade, puzzles, action, horror, The control over the phone screen is smooth and simple. It is free to download and takes very limited system resources. Download free and best Adventure GAME for Android phone and tablet with online apk downloader on, including (driving games, shooting games. Download for free the best Adventure GAMES for MOBILE: Android, iPhone, Gods Wars 1: The Fallen God Download Games for Mobile Adventure/Action. Adventure games are point and click style games like Myst where you must find objects or solve Explore the intimacy of an unknown person whose phone you'​ve found! Flight For Fight is an adrenaline pumping action shooting game! Find Adventure games for Android like Milkman Karlson, Lost In Space, Amelia - The HTML5; Downloadable; Flash Action. Lost In Space. Fight off the intruders and find your way out. Survive in a situation where Tellurion Mobile Games. This game is absolutely unique when it comes to gameplay. adventure games-​Grim Fandango Remastered. 6. Adventure Tombs Of Eden. Price: Free. Download. Download apps about action/adventure for android like pubg mobile (kr), summertime saga, roblox. Monument Valley 1 and 2 are two of the most popular puzzle-adventure games available. Last Last. Windows action adventure games adventure game for windows 10 adventure game for windows 7 art for windows 7. There are also hidden areas, five mountains in the premium version , online leaderboards, and you can even do tricks when you hit big air. You play as a struggling Viking who wants to restore his honor. Here are some final game recommendations! Robo Racing 2. You actually go out into the real world and catch Pokemon, fight at Gyms, loot the Poke Stops, and much more. Shadow of the Tomb Raider 1. Anthem 1. action and adventure games for mobile free download