allen carrs easyweigh to lose weight download free

allen carrs easyweigh to lose weight download free

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No Downloads. Views Total views. In the end, Carr wants you on a vegan diet that is high in water content, with your only drink being a glass of water. But remember, it's not a diet. This book lures you in with a false promise. Perhaps the word "simple" would have been better than "easy," because Carr really is advocating for a simpler approach to eating.

Just not an easier one. The problem is that he puts so much on humans needing to eat "like wild animals" while completely dismissing the differences between them. Wild animals don't have to worry about paying for housing. They don't have to worry about public transportation. They aren't surrounded by advertisers and grocery aisles stocked with every type of food imaginable.

And no matter what Carr may say, there ARE overweight wild animals. Just Google "fat squirrel! He then got to thinking how HE had never seen an overweight animal in the wild, which led him down the evolutionary path and linking animals to humans. Hey, anecdotal evidence is still evidence, right? This deifying, and I would argue not really understanding, the natural is what his entire book and method is based on.

It's all about "using your sensor" and "Nature's Guide," while not giving any lip service to how hard it actually is to do any of this or acknowledging the problems with it bread is delicious and smells great, and I won't hear any slander against it. Carr lives in a world of generalities, while still making some decent points along the way.

It's just that there are enough specious claims made that put the rest of his claims into doubt. That said, I'm a big fan of Bruce Lee's approach to knowledge acquisition when reading books like these: absorb what is useful, reject what is not.

So I tried to follow the method. My journey started on May 29th. It is now June 20th. So, not a full month, but enough time to give some feedback.

I loaded up on nothing but fruit for breakfast for about a week and a half. I stockpiled pre-washed baby spinach to eat with some cherry tomatoes and olive oil when I was feeling snacky.

I tried to make sure most of my plate what full of colourful fruits and veggies and lowered my meat intake. The first two weeks I dropped about 7 pounds. I started letting eggs back into my breakfast. I re-introduced bread into my life. And I allowed myself some late night sweet and salty treats even when I wasn't really hungry.

I've gained back about 5 of the 7 lost pounds. This shit is HARD. It's not easy. And it IS a diet. It's one that's supposed to be a permanent life change, but it's a diet nonetheless. I don't care how many times Carr calls it a "method" or how he talks about "undoing brainwashing," this is something you have to think about and be conscious of almost every second of every day. Look, I'm sure this method has helped people.

And if anything, it HAS helped me by having me think more carefully about which foods are easy to digest water-rich non-processed foods, which ones aren't processed foods, meat, dairy, and by reminding me to pay more attention to what my stomach is telling me. If I'm still hungry after polishing off a bag of potato chips, it's probably because my body hasn't received the nutrients it needs, and no amount of junk food is going to fill that hole nevermind the emotional void caused by stress and anxiety, but that's another story.

So, I'll keep going. I'll try to only eat when I'm hungry, to eat more fruits, vegetables, and grains, and to avoid the addictive junk that saps me of energy and makes my brain sluggish. Finally, I wouldn't be able to write this review without mentioning the minute hypnotherapy section. You can get this in CD form haha or just get the audio book from Audible or wherever else and have it included at the end. I've got some things to say about this The beginning totally relaxes you.

I was in repose on my couch while listening to this through headphones, and it was like floating on a cloud. It was so good in fact, that I've since checked out other hypnotherapy tracks on YouTube to help with rest, relaxation, confidence, etc.

Check them out. There are two parts that had me cringing hard. One where you're imagining yourself looking into a mirror and the person talks about how "slim" you are, and how you keep admiring yourself because you are exactly the weight you want to be.

It's thin idealization through and through, and it's gross. The other part that made me laugh was when the narrator is talking about you looking at other people eating things like chocolate and cookies, and you "feeling pity for them" because "you know they are just sugary junk.

I think that's enough. I'd love to keep the conversation going on this book in the comments if you've read it or listened to it. In the end, Lose Weight Now: The Easy Way is a mixed bag that offers some actionable advice and necessary reminders, while also being purposely vague in some of its claims, and dishonest in what it calls itself.

I'm going to try to glean the useful bits and further explore what I should and shouldn't be eating. I'm currently an omnivore, but I'm open to seeing if vegetarianism or veganism could be sustainable for me. Check it out?

Jan 12, Karen rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction , wonderful. HOW does this man do it? His quit smoking method worked so effectively for me over three years now and not even a tiny desire to go back that I thought I'd try this book for weight loss. Despite being an active, mostly healthy and intelligent person, I wondered why I could never reach my desired weight and that my attempts always failed eventually. I'm smart enough to figure out what to eat and what not to eat I was hoping that Mr.

Carr's no-nonsense approach would h HOW does this man do it? Carr's no-nonsense approach would help me figure it out. It is the world's bestselling book on how to give up smoking. I stopped and that was 3 almost 4 years ago. Neve Campbell. If I can quit so can you! Lose weight FAQs Talk to a consultant.

We have over testimonials and counting! Have you lost weight with the method? Tell us your story. The reason that you crave junk food, chocolate, candy, and other candy is because of sugar and carb addiction.

Not all sugar and carbs are bad so it helps to know which are the ones that cause cravings. Read more. We can help. Allen's lasting legacy is a dynamic, ongoing, global publishing programme and an ever-expanding worldwide network of clinics which help treat a range of issues including smoking, weight, alcohol and drug addiction. More by Allen Carr. Endlich Nichtraucher! What I should have been comparing it to was not eating but overeating.

It was like a light bulb coming on in my brain — a Eureka moment, just like the time I decided to embark on my mission to cure the world of smoking. Until the penny dropped, I had regarded overeating as a mere extension of eating: too much of a good thing. I now realised that the two were entirely different. The effects of overeating have a lot in common with the effects of smoking. On the physical side: tiredness and lethargy; indigestion and heartburn; lack of fitness; obesity; heart disease; and all sorts of other life-threatening illnesses.

On the mental side: an illusion of pleasure; guilt; helplessness; lack of self-esteem and sex drive; slavery and misery. Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Nutrition. Create a List. Download to App.

Length: pages 2 hours. Alanna Levine. Richard Gentry. Manmohan Singh. Roman Malkov.

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