andy andrews my life so far free download

andy andrews my life so far free download

I was having a ball. I worked with a lot of celebrities and was able to book the trio as an opening act for major entertainers in Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, and on the college concert circuit. I decided to leave the year stable career of life insurance to start my own entertainment management company.

I was making some money, not like the insurance business, but I was having fun. I borrowed from the bank a lot of new business do this, right. After a while, the bottom fell out of my business and I had to close up shop. I was in debt; I had a family, a mortgage, and I was out of work. I spent 8 months trying to find a full time career opportunity that I could enjoy and still feed my family. Nothing came my way. I was an out-of-work, over-qualified college graduate. I recruited the celebrities for this annual event.

The executive director of the charity was Mick Shannon. He and I became friends working a few weeks a year together on the local telethon. We worked together years for three years with this charity to expand the telethon into more cities. I was working hard to recover from the failure of my business.

I had lost my home and had to rent a small house, but I was working and I was happy. It was not easy. I had to travel a lot, but I was doing something that I felt was important. We both quit! Everyone thought I was off my rocker to give up a pay check after what I had been through. I believed in Mick, and together we believed in the idea of doing a national telethon for kids.

I hated the 8 months I looked for work. I hated the feelings of not being worth anything. I felt I was a failure. But I never gave up. I worked hard and started over and my family was at my side through it all. I cannot thank Mick Schannon enough for having confidence in me, allowing me to share in his dream, and inviting me to become his partner. If you believe I yourself and believe in others, you cannot fail. I am proud of the dream Mick and I, along with so many others, have built, but I appreciate most of all, the belief Mick had in me that allowed me to believe in myself again.

Never give up, never doubt yourself and what you can do…with help from good friends. Kindest Personal regards, Go to www. Toxey Haas is a likeable young man with an endless supply of enthusiasm. That trait obviously served him well as he encountered the obstacles he describes in his letter. I have spent a few of my favorite days in the woods and on the water with Toxey and several of his associates.

The enjoyment comes from other, more intangible things. Toxey gets as excited about seeing a track as he does the real deer and as excited about an early morning gobble as he does about the actual turkey. This, he will tell you, is as it should be. Toxey is a family man, a businessman, and a person to hold up as an example of one who has his priorities straight.

What an inspiration! Real stories in the words of the people who lived them are so meaningful. The book helped me reflect on how I got to where I am today. I grew up on a farm and spent almost all my time outdoors. I learned to love wildlife and hunting at a very early age. As a kid it always bothered me when I spooked a deer. I had a fantasy of being invisible so that I would never scare away any more wild animals.

As I got older I never lost the fantasy. In the back of my mind I knew that the camouflage clothes I wore were not that good. Soon I realized that my camouflage idea would do just the same — solve a consumer problem — the hunter not being camouflaged. It would be so simple! Only one little problem. I had no knowledge of fabrics, textiles, garment sewing, or even the sporting goods industry I mean nothing! Plus I had no money except a small savings and a few shares of stocks I had inherited.

I took all I had and a little of some of what my dad could invest and plunged full speed ahead. I called everyone from label printers to wallpaper plants to try to get them to print this camouflage design of mine. What a let down. Then I found out the fabric I had bought from the cotton broker was bad. I had to make this work because it was my only chance. My years of calling and bothering people had at least made me one friend.

A gentleman who had a garment sewing plant, who had come to admire my persistence. He agreed to make the fabric into clothes for me. We then found that the only chance to improve the color fastness was with high heat. Amazingly, we found a way. So me, my mama, and my partner Bill Sugg took our entire start-up inventory and put them through the dryers of a local laundromat on the highest level. It worked, barely! We had to guarantee all the clothes and hold our breath.

We had convinced about fifteen stores to take it on. Luckily everyone was so excited with the camouflage pattern they forgave the quality.

From then on we became so obsessed with quality that we never looked back. We promised ourselves that we would never go trough that again. Well today, eighteen years and many, many more problems later our quality has become the industry standard. We conservatively estimate well over one billion dollars of Mossy Oak Products being sold on the retail level annually with Mossy Oak Camouflage on it, and growing fast.

We have already diversified into licensing, sales consulting, media and advertising services. Well, I never thought about it much until recently. I finally realized that the one God given talent I have is hard headedness.

Believe in yourself and persist, you said it Andy and your right! The formula really is that simple! Sincerely, Toxey Haas Go to www. Hunt Transportation Services, Inc. The explosive growth of J. Hunt Transportation can only be attributed the man himself- J.

His imagination, determination to succeed, and ability to overcome obstacles are reasons why he owns the largest truckload carrier in the United States. Hunt now employs over 11, people who utilize his 7, trucks and 17, trailers. This is quite an accomplishment for one with such humble roots, but as you will see in his letter, the years of sacrifice, exhaustion, and ejection were all a part of building a successful empire. In his sixties, J. Hunt remains dedicated to a number of other organizations as well.

He is currently a member of the board of Daystar, Inc. In May , Mr. Today, people take my dreams more seriously. In the years that followed, I picked cotton, harvested grain, sold lumber, auctioned livestock, drove a truck, sold lawn sod, invented a rice hull press, designed and built a specialty poultry truck, started several businesses, lot thousands of dollars yet made millions more.

A year later I experienced my first business venture by opening a livestock facility with my cousin. I saved up my money and wed my sweetheart of 5 years in It was at this time when my life began to take a turn for the better.

Around , I took a job with another trucking firm where for the next 9 years I traveled the highways between Little Rock and St. My route later changed to eastern Arkansas which took me through Stuttgart. It was this run where I noticed rice farmers burning off their hulls. I quickly started envisioning a way to reuse this waste product. During the long hours over the road, problem solving became my salvation.

Eventually, I pioneered a method of using rice hulls for poultry litter, but to manufacture the product, I had to sell stock in my proposed rice hull plant in one weeks time. The year was and my wife Johnelle, and I were about to embark on the business adventure of our lives. We had sold our house and borrowed all the money we could possibly borrow to start the rice hull plant and felt we had gone too far to give up now.

The next year we experienced a small profit, then the next year more profit. In , J. Hunt Transport was born. I stated the trucking company with five trucks and seven refrigerated trailers.

Hunt Transport Services, Inc. Within a 10 year period of the company going public, J. Much has been accomplished since my younger days when I was know as a dreamer. The company now has more than , independent Beauty Consultants in 35 countries worldwide. This is just one of the rewards that Mary Kay Ash used to motivate and encourage her beauty consultants to have a successful business.

In the early nineties, Mary Kay Cosmetics joined the Fortune list of largest industrial companies in America. In all those years I had known many women who had talent and ability, but who were passed over-simply because they were female. I had worked my way up to being a member of the board of the company I was with only no find that, even though our sales force was made up entirely of women, governed by an all male board, my opinions were of no value. So I decided to retire- for a whole month!

I sat down at my dining room table hoping to write a book that would held women over some of the obstacles I had encountered. After spending a couple of weeks doing this, I took a second legal pad and began to list all of the problems I had encountered —and there were many.

One day I decided that if I was so brilliant, how would I have solved those problems had I had the opportunity and responsibility I began to write down my answers, much like I was solving a crossword puzzle. When I read what I had composed I discovered that inadvertently I had put on paper a marketing plan that would give women an open — ended opportunity to do anything they were smart enough to do.

I needed a product, Go to www. Over the years I had discovered that women have one thing in common: they simply do not believe in their own God-given abilities. Since most women feel they are cosmetic experts at twenty, I felt cosmetics would be something they could put their hearts into selling. Ten years before, in , I had met a woman who had developed a cosmetic that I felt was the best one I had every used.

She had died in , never having gotten her product on the market to any extent. She had tried to sell it out of a little home beauty shop in the wrong end of town.

As we say In Texas. Now I had a marketing plan and a product. I went to my attorney to set up my little corporation. In my mind that was his problem. One month to the day before we were to open our doors, when every single penny I had was spent or committed, my husband died of a heart attack at the breakfast table!

That window came in the form of my year-old son. My daughter, Marylyn, offered to take the first showcase to Houston and start there. My older son, Ben, offered his help, too, and six years later became part of the Company. That was the inauspicious start of Mary Kay Cosmetics on Friday, September 13, nobody starts a company on the 13th-but we did! We now have more than , Beauty Consultants worldwide, and we are presently in 35 countries around the world.

Bill Hanna was a major force in the field of animation. With Joe Barbera, his partner of more than fifty years, Bill has created a lifetime of entertainment for us all. Bill Hanna will always be remembered for the creation of our most lovable cartoon stars, each with their own unmistakable voice and personality.

I started in the animated cartoon business at the tender age of twenty in , and have enjoyed every minute of it since. But, at the more tender age of sixteen, I desperately wanted to be a singer.

Even after I had started in the cartoon business, I still wanted to be a singer. I studied voice with the same instructor who had coached Donald Novice a long, long time ago.

Donald Novice was my idol. I listened to him every night that he sang. I studied voice for years, sang in church choirs, once for Billy Sunday, the evangelist. I got to sing in a choir of about fifty voices. I developed a malignant tumor on my vocal chords which, thank the Lord, was removed after four months of daily radiation treatments, which also took what little singing voice I had left.

But I still listen spellbound to the sound of a good quartet or chorus. Both companies generate annual revenues of approximately 9 billion dollars. I have learned that no one reaches the level of success that Joe has attained without coming face to face with rejection and adversity. In fact, Joe seemed to feel that his letter would be of little value to this book.

Clearly, although Joe has quite obviously experienced rejection and disappointments, he simply refused to view his challenges in that light. We are all subject to rejection in one form or another. Also, while in college, I was a daily correspondent for a newspaper in Columbus and was a stringer for UPI.

Then, after college, I was hired as a reporter for the local daily newspaper where I worked until military service intervened. Some years later, I was graduated from law school with the goal of learning management labor law. I asked my friend who ran the county legal placement office to get me an interview with the leading law firm in the big city which had several Fortune industrial companies as clients.

For the next couple of years I tried unsuccessfully in Washington and Harrisburg to get a government job where I Go to www. Finally, I filed a resume with the American Bar Association placement service and I promised to go anywhere in the United States and work for any law firm or company where I could learn labor law.

This led to an interview where I was hired by Dow Jones, publisher of the Wall Street Journal, and in a few years both ambitions had been joined. I was considered to be one of the leading specialists in management labor law in the newspaper industry. Today I am entrusted with the management of the biggest magazine in the United States, enjoyed every week by forty million readers. In addition, I have a front row seat as the greatest media adventure in the history of the world is conducted by the man who brought me here—Rupert Murdoch.

Andy , none of this would have been possible if that law firm had been willing to hire me! Cordially, Joseph F. Who among us has not watched the Harlem Globetrotters open mouthed and amazed at the impossible shots As a piece of Americana, they are entrenched in our minds.

Everyone loves the Globetrotters. As an all-star basketball player in college, Mannie Jackson prepared himself for the pros. After a career in New York, Mannie played for the Globetrotters. The mental devotion and winning philosophy he reinforced then was drawn upon to see him through a coming storm.

Mannie has succeeded personally by exercising his standards of excellence while facing obstacles. As an African American, I have had many obstacles to overcome, but the one I will share altered my life and could have happened to anyone.

In the summer of , I had just moved to Minneapolis from Detroit, Michigan and was beginning a career with Honeywell Corporation. In the back of my mind, I entertained the idea of going back into professional basketball.

I was in shape, I always had been, having been an All Star at the University of Illinois and having had a professional career with New York and the world famous Harlem Globetrotters. It seemed like normal hiccups, except that I continued for nearly 12 hours!

I ended up in St. Louis University Hospital with pneumonia caused by the ruptured diaphragm. I was rushed into emergency surgery to repair my diaphragm. Four surgeries followed which resulted in my diaphragm being repaired and a portion of my stomach being removed along with surgery on the valve from my esophagus into my stomach. I can vividly remember from my bed seeing family and friends come to visit and the look on their faces. I must have looked like death to them and on at least two occasions the Go to www.

However, even after seeing myself in the mirror, I really believed I could come back and play professional basketball again. Truly the power of positive thinking! She never missed a day driving one hour and a half to visit me in my hospital room that had become my whole world.

There were a couple more hospital stays due to complications. All in all, I spent almost a year recovering from surgeries and hospitalizations. It was during these experiences—which were often spiritual; I realized the power of the human mind. Despite medical reports to the contrary—I never lost my will to live and to be productive or my belief that I would make a total come back. I learned to appreciate what really matters in life. I learned not to take my health for granted again.

I never played professional basketball again, but I learned to refocus and I dedicated myself to my family and my professional career. I realized that I was in charge of what happened in my life and that I had been given a second chance. I have since finished a great career with Honeywell, becoming a Senior Vice President and an Officer of a Fortune corporation.

I have several business interests and I am the Chairman and majority owner of the world famous Harlem Globetrotters. Good luck with this and future projects, Andy — you have the right attitude. Warm Regards, Mannie L. Jackson Chairman Go to www. As president of Nightingale- Conant Corporation, Vic Conant both teaches and experiences phenomenal success. The corporation sells more than ten million inspirational items each year.

Vic has headed the company since , when his father, co-founder Lloyd Conant, passed away. Vic credits these two visionary pioneers with creating the foundation of success on which his company is based. And he vows to continue that vision. New product development is key to the vision and remains an ongoing concern, one that in recent years has seen Nightingale —Conant move into the ever expanding markets of video, books and other motivational products. Nightingale- Conant Corporation-with Vic at the helm-seems destined to enjoy at least another 35 years of spectacular success.

Box Gulf Shores, AL Dear Andy , The lessons we can all glean from the letters in your book are certainly useful in any endeavor. I thank you for thinking of Nightingale-Conant and me in your effort. My particular story actually begins and ends with the familyowned Nightingale-Conant business.

Fortunately it has a happy ending. However my wife and I had a period of struggle in the middle portion of our journey. After I returned from the service, in my mid-twenties, I went to work for my father and Earl Nightingale in their joint business, Nightingale—Conant.

After about a year the company found itself going through some very hard times. In fact, I wanted to go into commercial real estate which, at that time, was very lucrative in Florida. So I went to work selling cars, which turned out to be great training and a pretty good living. After 12 months passed I was ready to carry out my real estate plan. As life would have it, however, my entry into real estate coincided with the major recession of Interest rates skyrocketed, fueled by the oil embargo.

Real estate and my wife and I she had entered the field as well took it on the chin. It was a terrible time for many people. Banks folded, people lost lifetime investments and the entire industry collapsed. We had purchased a nice home preparing for the prosperity we felt was just around the corner. I was trying to sell waterfront condominiums for the next year. That year our combined incomes were a couple thousand dollars! We were sinking fast.

We had to sell our home and move into an apartment complex. In fact, I had made friends Go to www. This was a blessing, but a far cry from where we had hoped to be by this time. Then, again as life would have it, I came across an old recording as I was packing to move. The book that the recording was taken from was written in the early s.

The message I heard was metaphysical in nature and affected me very strongly. It related the basic truth that you can control your destiny by focusing on the things you desire and going after them with single — minded clarity.

At the time I was working on our home in preparation to attempt to sell it. Remember, the bottom had fallen out of the real estate market. Nothing was selling. This was the worst time to try to sell a home. But I decided to experiment with the idea I had heard on the tape. As I worked on the house, and in every spare minute I had, I began visualizing the sale. I focused my mental energy on a consistent basis toward that end. In two weeks it sold for the full asking price!

I was stunned. I decided to try this again. This time I would put the energy into landing a good job. I had done my research and had chosen the field of medical supply sales as the area to pursue.

I had chosen Zimmer USA as the optimum medical supply company. We talked, but he finally told me there were no openings. My wife and I had even begun to wonder if we were crazy. Well, he never hired me but he talked to a friend of his who had a distributorship in Chicago.

His friend called me with an offer, which I accepted. Later we learned through a series of conversations that he knew my father. The principles I heard on the recording obviously worked.

They gave me hope during a somewhat desperate time. They also gave a path to positive action, which led us out of the fear and the paralysis that fear can cause. Later I Go to www.

Reviewing my journey to this point, Andy , I believe the key is to never lose sight of the fact that we can control the ultimate outcome of our life situation. In other words, learning to control and focus our thoughts toward the ends we desire will unlock an ability to recognize the opportunities that will lead us there and give us the energy we need to take advantage of those opportunities.

As I said, it certainly worked for me. But the best news of all is that it will work for anyone! Thanks again, Andy , for your kind invitation to be included in Lessons from the Masters.

I have had the good fortune of knowing Ken Kragen for over 10 years. Ken has a warm personality that seems to draw people to him, and a skillful aptitude to see a project through to its successful conclusion. His attributes have been recognized and tapped into by several entertainers to promote their own careers. Ken has been the cog in the wheel of success for several major undertakings. Ken has even taught a weekly course in personal management at the University of California at Los Angeles.

Ken displays a heart of compassion in an entertainment industry that all too often fosters a self — centered attitude. Not only did he arrange the 45 artists who performed the song, but more significantly, Ken created the organization which supervised the raising and distribution of the funds.

He rallied some seven million Americans to stand hand in hand from the Atlantic to the Pacific. To recognize his efforts, Ken has two rooms full of awards and plaques, including the highly coveted United Nations Peace Medal. Ken Kragen realizes that the glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time you fail. I am honored to be included. For example, in my client Harry Chapin was killed in an auto accident.

I reacted to this tragic news by going to work immediately to raise funds in his memory to continue the work on the issues of hunger and homelessness which Harry cared so deeply about. I knew that the window of opportunity to raise significant dollars was a very small one before people were confronted by some other event in their lives that would take the edge off their willingness to give. I also convinced Kenny Rogers to pick up the torch that had fallen with Harry and carry it forward, becoming a major champion of these issues.

Still, I had an eerie Go to www. Later in the same decade when my mother passed away, many people remarked to me about what a tragedy it was to lose her. My response was that it is a tragedy when an eightyear-old child is killed by a stray bullet. When a yearold woman who had lived a wonderful life dies with a minimum of pain and discomfort at a time when her family has had ample to express their love for her, I look on it rather as life fulfilled, part of the natural order of things.

This is not to say that I do not miss my mother and think about her often, but I try to use those memories in positive ways. Forty years in the entertainment business have also taught me to take a philosophical approach to lost business. Whenever a client has left me, for example, my first reaction is frankly that it is their loss and not mine. I simply have this undying belief that the future will work itself out; that whatever comes next will be even better and more exciting. I have enough confidence in my own abilities to be secure about the future.

Another setback that we all have to face is illness or injury. Later on I realized that the injury had greatly restricted the amount of outside activities I could participate in particularly basketball, which I love and play frequently. It allowed me to focus completely on the effort of organizing the artists to sing the great song that Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson were in the process of writing. It was a very famous orthopedic surgeon who unwittingly motivated me to keep active.

He examined me for some paralysis I was having in one of my legs and informed me that I was lucky to be walking, that I should restrict my activities and be grateful for whatever mobility I had. His negative approach Go to www. So, Andy , I hope you and everyone who reads your books will remember that everything in life happens for a good reason and that if you can train yourself to believe that, things really do seem to work out for the best.

Today, Citation Corporation does business in many states and enjoys sales of hundreds of millions annually. The shares of common stock have continued through the years to be a solid performer. Citation Corporation has grown form a single location producer of ductile iron castings to one of the largest companies in the casting industry. Today, the company produces casting in gray and ductile iron, steel and aluminum for a wide variety of industries n the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The corporation has grown to approximately 3, employees. He is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy. Life deals all of us strange hands at times. I believe the reason for this is that luck is sometimes disguised or camouflaged as an insignificant or even disastrous event! My father was approaching retirement age by then so my brothers and I decided it would be best to sell.

We executed a successful sale and, in the agreement, I remained on staff in a management capacity. Then, at 42 years of age, I was fired. At the time it seemed disastrous.

Add to this the fact that I had leveraged the proceeds of the chain link fence business sale to buy a small foundry that was failing, and it seemed double disastrous. We had done business with this particular foundry previously so I thought I knew the business.

I struggled with it for two and half years. Every month losing more and more money with one piece of bad news after another. There were many times during this process that I wanted to quit. I even tried to sell a number of times but the business was doing so poorly no one would buy it.

I learned many lessons about business in those years and, out of an apparent disastrous period of my life, came a shining success. We finally assembled the Go to www. The author has a conversational tone that probably reflects his speaking style as he is a well-known inspirational speaker. Some of the chapters were better than others, but all had something to be gleaned from them. The point of the book was that the small stuff, whether a nail for Napoleon's army or a degree on a boat's autopilot system, may be the difference in how successful you are in your endeavor, or indeed, your life.

It does make you think This was a quick read and fairly interesting. It does make you think. Quotes to remember: The advantage in any arena of life is earned far in advance of the moment one is required to perform. A person cannot achieve beyond what he really believes to be the truth about himself.

Jun 20, Alexandra Swann rated it it was amazing. This is a great book. I read it and sent copies to three other people. It really makes you think about how you think and the impact that really little things has on your life.

I love the chapter about perspective. Excellent insights. Jul 16, J. Lots of sports analogies but really talks about by paying attention to the small stuff you can do amazing big stuff.

Aug 17, Dave Reads rated it it was amazing. They were shocked when the air rifle could fire multiple shots in rapid succession. The Native Americans were used to defeating explorers with muskets that needed to be reloaded after every shot. To Andrews, it was that little thing that gave them their advantage.

Only many years later did Andy find out that his dad privately cried about what he was putting his son through. And, the stories go on and on. Jan 12, Brooke Fradd rated it really liked it. This is another book started in , that I finished up this morning.

Each chapter addresses a specific way that little things can make a big difference. His writing style is easy to read, but I purposefully took one chapter at a time to more fully consider his suggestions. I really liked the suggestions he put across and his short chapters provided much thought for journaling.

Jul 17, Bill Pence rated it it was amazing. This short book is packed with wisdom, humor and wit. He writes that nothing excites him more than a focused search for little things that make big differences. In this book, he shares stories that not only make a point but have a purpose beyond the point. The This short book is packed with wisdom, humor and wit.

The book covers a wide range of thoughts, including chapters that will bring peace to your family, and some, when you harness what they teach, can make you a lot of money or turn your team into a winner. He writes that in order to change your life, all you need is one idea.

One idea will change the world. He writes that if we are to become extraordinary achievers, we must learn to recognize the little things that actually create the gap—and, consequently, the difference in opportunities—between one and two.

The difference really is in little things because the actual gap between first and second place is most often ridiculously small. Small, strategic moves in the beginning of any endeavor yield massive growth down the road.

But it is a valuable person who manages to see a new way of thinking as an opportunity. He encourages us to not always believe everything we think. He tells us that average people compare themselves to other people, while extraordinary achievers do not compare themselves to other people.

Instead, they compare themselves to their own potential. I found his discussion of change to be of particular interest. He writes that change is a constant and all-encompassing reality. Change is a part of everything we do, every day of our lives. Change Ingredient 2: Proof beyond a reasonable doubt. He tells us that if you understand the myths and the elements of change, you can respond to it with confidence and creativity and even joy.

And we can help others respond positively as well. He tells us that we should spend less time setting goals to satisfy the expectations of other people and use more time to concentrate fully upon legitimately increasing the level of what we really and truly believe is possible.

And he tells us that this can only be done by aligning ourselves on a course to pursue the life that God has identified for us as the very best. The book covers a wide range of thoughts, some of which could be expanded into an entire book on their own. Apr 19, Jary Welker rated it it was amazing.

We all know the saying that we should not judge a book by it's cover. To take that one step further, one could also say that one should not judge one by it's size either and especially a book written by Andy Andrews. While a short pages "The Little Things" is filled to over flowing with good stuff. We are reminder here that there really are no small things and that the greatest differences are often measured in micro seconds or less.

As we study the lives of those who achieve great success i We all know the saying that we should not judge a book by it's cover. As we study the lives of those who achieve great success in any field we often search for those big differences - in style, preparation or execution. But we may search there in vain for the finger prints of success unless we are open to the really small things that more often than not make the ultimate difference. Like perhaps learning that quitting sometime as seemingly small and inconsequential as sixth grade football can really build the character that will be needed years later when trying to publish a book that no one will take.

Or how one single air rifle played a significant role in the exploration and opening of the western United States. Not only is this a great read but it is also even a better gift for team members, employees or family. There lessons to be learned here by all. Jun 05, Marcia added it. Quick, motivational read--a common sense approach to life. I learned that it is much easier to peel a banana from the bottom instead of the top.

Author Andrews closes by asking 3 questions: 1. Do you think God has a better imagination than you? Then when we examine the best life we can imagine and the best life God can imagine for us, is it possible these two lives might look entirely different? Lesson: We need to spend less time setting goals to satisfy the expectations of other people and use more time concentrating upon legitimately increasing the level of what we really believe is possible.

Don't let a rating stop you from picking up this book The idea that is presented feels a bit scattered for the most part but the message really shines through in some chapters. I had an epiphany with the chapter that spoke about being diiferent, it may have changed me for the better. There are several chapters in this book that have the capacity to challenge your current belief system and thinking, so I'd urge anyone to find that out for themselves.

You won't know till you read it. Not only is the book written by Andrews, but the audio edition is skillfully narrated by him. Andrews give many examples from history where the little things made the difference between life and death, success and failure, etc. It is a rather quick listen at only four and a half hours in audio format. Andrews never disappoints with his writing style that is often very conversational including wit, humor, and a few earth-shattering concepts that when understood and applied may change your life forever.

Andrews books always contain light hearted reading, that often can have a deep impact when properly understood. What I like the most about his work is that it is written in a way that nearly anyone could pick up one of his books and get something from them.

His books are also timeless and relevant to the many different places people are in their life journey; young adult, adult, aged, etc. One could even re-read many of his books and learn something new at every stage of life. Andrews is a well-respected speaker, author, and consults some of the top corporations around the globe; including the US government and military agencies. I like very much his many examples where the small stuff made the difference.

He talks about western expansion, civil war, failed country leaders, broken up spy rings and many more. All were impacted by the small things that occurred and yet most of us only remember the larger outcomes from them.

In many ways, it is also easier to attach things in smaller incremental steps than to attack something head on all at once. As the old saying goes, one eats an elephant one bite at a time. Andrews, in a similar way, say that the small things we do have a ripple effect that can have grand impact overall.

The audio narration was expertly and professionally done. I like that Andrews while narrating the audiobook included a few whimsical statements relating only to audiobook listeners; not a part of the book.

He includes areas where he felt punctuation does not express well his intentions, and this can be added and it is in this audiobook version via his expression. In summary, if you have read and enjoyed any other books written by Andrews I would recommend you pick this book up and have a listen.

It is worth the credit and time spent for what you will learn from the book. If you have read and not enjoyed Andrews other works, this book is much of the same, but it is seen from a different angle from them. Oct 18, Richard rated it really liked it. In my opinion, Andy Andrews is one of the most remarkable people alive. His ability to focus on a few things that are truly important in life, and to relate them simply and memorably is a true gift. In The Little Things, Andy focuses on the opposite of "the big picture.

Andy points out that we largely choose our own moods and feelings. In other words, we can be our own worst enemy or our own best friend when it comes to our attitude. A decision made today may not be all that important today, but it might have huge repercussions later in life.

Ask questions and seek real answers, even to small, everyday things. Sometimes something small is the only clue that something is wrong. My favorite chapter is on change: "Change happens slowly" is a myth. Andy points out that a lot of change -- true change -- actually happens instantaneously. It may take time to prepare to change or to decide to change, but the actual change itself happens fast.

Another myth: "A person must want to change. Andy does get a little preachy toward the end by bringing God into the picture. I didn't really see that coming. Some people may get a lot out of that chapter, others not so much. Even if you are not all that receptive to a God message, the rest of the book is extremely valuable on its own. I'm rounding up to 5 because the insights are so valuable.

Nov 03, Karen rated it really liked it. Listened to the audiobook, read by the author who has a very enthusiast male American voice and excited tone, suitable for x2 speed and commuting. An enjoyable book to read and then digest afterwards. Andrews is clearly enthusiastic about life and imparts that through his words and ideas. He challenges his readers to change how they perceive life itself, not by making large changes but how we all treat the little things that add up in life.

If you want to live a better than average life, here's h Listened to the audiobook, read by the author who has a very enthusiast male American voice and excited tone, suitable for x2 speed and commuting. If you want to live a better than average life, here's how to get started. Worth a read. Favourite Quotes: "If you really expect the results of your life to be any better than the rest of humanity's average, you'd be smart to understand that sometimes conventional wisdom is not even the truth.

Or in other words, it's time to sweat the small stuff. A great man, Dr. Jack Hyles said, "simplicity is next to profundity". How does one judge wisdom in another when one has less of it?

It is a surprise to me to rate a book at 5 stars, there being so few great works to be easily found. I loved this book. Enrapturing throughout for me. Assuming you read it or listen to it, which I would encourage because I love listening and talking with a close friend, doesn't that call into question this problem?

How has a change in perspective changed your life? Share in the comments. Bestselling author and creativity expert Jeff Goins dismantles the myth that being creative is a hindrance to success by revealing how an artistic temperament is, in fact, a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

For centuries, the myth of the starving artist has dominated our culture, seeping into the minds of creative people and stifling their pursuits. In fact, they capitalized on the power of their creative strength. Get the Book. Click to listen To listen to the show, click the player below. I was recently a guest, and we discussed the topic of calling.

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