ant simple v 1.8 4 free download

ant simple v 1.8 4 free download

A library that provides automatic proxy configuration management - development files. A C client library for the Riemann monitoring system, libriemann-client. A cross-platform implementation of the Dirac video compression specification. A library for storing and retrieving passwords and other secrets, libsecret Library for reading and writing files containing sampled sound, libsndfile.

A library that provides cross platform access to statistics, libstatgrab. Library for reading and editing the meta-data of several popular audio formats, libtag. Tools to access a servers filespace and printers via SMB server , libtevent. Development files for libtheora. GIF access library, previously without compression, now a link to libgif. Library and tools for manipulating Windows metafiles - runtime package, libwmf Library and tools for manipulating Windows metafiles - runtime package, libwmflite Socket wrappers for pre-screening tcp connections ipv6.

The x project is encoding video streams into the H. The x is encoding video streams into the H. GPL replacement for Unix crypt that supports a wide range of algorithms and modes, development files. This project may help. This project includes a small number of classes for use with Ant that can help you to analyze your build in a non-intrusive manner.

This is only necessary until JDK1. Ant 1. CA Plex is an architected RAD tool that combines the techniques of model-driven development, code generation and patterns to create business applications for multiple platforms, including Java,. In its 6. Java IDE with refactoring support and Ant integration. The IDE has special editing and navigation support for Ant. This IDE uses Ant as its primary means of building applications, with custom tasks and an Ant-aware editor.

Instead of manually creating build scripts in XML, Virtual Ant provides a fully virtual file system where you can run your tasks in real time and see the results. Everything that you do is recorded and turned into an Ant build script. There are several integration with SCM systems.

Some are built in. But some are available as external libraries. Here a list of task libraries we are aware of:. These are tasks that allow users to access Git functionality from within Ant build scripts. These are tasks that allow users to access Mercurial functionality from within Ant build scripts.

The integration makes full use of the power and capabilities of Ant, with support for nested elements such as filesets and also supports conditions. There are a number of tasks for creating XML reports on both ClearCase baselines and labels as well as a task for "staging" ClearCase objects.

SvnAnt is an ant task that provides an interface to Subversion revision control system that is a compelling replacement for CVS in the open source community. Immodestly, Svn4Ant's goal is to be the best provider of Subversion Ant components. AntStatistics logs execution times for all build targets and displays them at the end of the build. Furthermore execution times of past builds are collected and graphed in a chart.

An easy way to add color to Apache Ant build output. Unlike many other Ant color utilities, this one does not automatically color your output based on rules, but allows explicit control of colors and formatting from within the Ant build file itself. Requires Ant version 1. Note that this library is not doing any real magic and is just a convenient wrapper around ANSI color codes.

Home Projects. Compatibility: Ant 1. The tasks are aimed to avoid redundancy between Eclipse and Ant configurations in order to build small but powerful build systems for the continuous integration process Compatibility: Ant 1.

This allows users to create several files at once split the stream in two for parallel processing Compatibility: Ant 1. Compatibility: Tested with Ant 1. Checkstyle can be run via an Ant task or a command line utility.

Formats your import sections. Flags ambiguous imports. Cocoon Task This task allows the generation of static web pages and sites using Apache Cocoon in off-line mode. It works from the command line or as an Ant task. Compatibility: Tested with 1. Compatibility: 1. Compatibility: Jacson has been used and tested with 1. It eliminates the need for JSP or ASP and their need for Java compilers on deployment servers a security concern while adding no overhead in either space or time.

This is handled automatically and transparently; no intervention is required. Nice work! Seriously, the Apache Ant site should just link to this page for the install instructions.

Thank you for the excellent tutorials. You are a stand-up guy who has helped many. This means the following does not set up the command line:. One other trouble spot with proxies is with authenticating proxies. Ant cannot go beyond what the JVM does here, and as it is very hard to remotely diagnose, test and fix proxy-related problems, users who work behind a secure proxy will have to spend much time configuring the JVM properties until they are happy.

Note : Since Ant 1. The easiest, and best way is to get these external libraries from JPackage if JPackage has them available. Note: for each such library, you will have to get both the external package itself e. However, JPackage does not package proprietary software, and since some of the optional packages depend on proprietary JARs, they must be handled as follows. This may violate the spirit of JPackage, but it is necessary if you need these proprietary packages.

For example, suppose you want to install support for NetRexx, which JPackage does not support:. To build Ant from source, you can either install the Ant source distribution or clone the Ant repository from Git. See Source Distribution for details. See Installing Ant for examples on how to do this for your operating system. It does not work with gcj or kjc. Make sure you have downloaded any auxiliary JARs required to build tasks you are interested in. Note that this will make the auxiliary JAR available for the building of Ant only.

You can also get most of the auxiliary JAR files i. See Optional Tasks for instructions on how to do this. The fetch. Java Tools for eXtreme Programming. Archived from the original on Loughran, Steve; Hatcher, Erik July 12, Ant in Action 2nd ed. Manning Publications. Holzner, Steven April 13, Ant — The Definitive Guide 2nd ed. O'Reilly Media. Moodie, Matthew November 16, Issue Fixed issue with emulator getting incorrect time from location objects.

Issue Added handling for unusual characters in paths and file names when starting emulators. Fixed the emulator boot problem on Mac OS X General Notes: Fixed several minor emulator issues.

Fixed memory leaks in emulator system. General Notes: Fixed Java detection issue on bit Windows systems. General Notes: Added support for Android Studio 1. If you haven't already, update your ADT Plugin to General Notes: Fixed Windows bit compilation issue. General Notes: Added ProGuard. Added the proguard-android. Renamed the lombok-ast General Notes: Added the Android Wear tools and system images. General Notes: Fixed an issue with the x86 emulator that caused Google Maps to crash.

Issue Fixed minor OpenGL issues. Issue Fixed a problem with Nexus 5 Android virtual devices created from the command line where the SD card file system was read-only. Issue Fixed a problem with virtual devices created using ADT Fixed a problem with the command line tools when creating virtual devices.

Issue Fixed a problem with the command line lint script. Known Issues: When you create an Android virtual device using the Nexus 5 device definition, you must enable the Use Host GPU option, otherwise the virtual device will not start.

Added support for Java 7 language features like multi-catch, try-with-resources, and the diamond operator. These features require version 19 or higher of the Build Tools. Try-with-resources requires minSdkVersion 19; the rest of the new language features require minSdkVersion 8 or higher.

Added new lint checks: Security: Look for code potentially affected by a SecureRandom vulnerability. Check that calls to checkPermission use the return value. Check that production builds do not use mock location providers. Look for manifest values that are overwritten by values from Gradle build scripts. Fixed a number of minor issues in the SDK and build system. Emulator: Fixed a problem with the emulator shutting down immediately for Android 1. Issue Fixed a problem with port numbers longer than four digits.

Issue Fixed a problem with paths or arguments that contain spaces on Windows platforms. From compile avoidance to advanced caching and beyond, we pursue performance relentlessly so your team can deliver continuously. By entering your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy , including receipt of emails.

PC Remote Receiver. ROM Zipper.

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