beyblade metal masters episodes in hindi free download

beyblade metal masters episodes in hindi free download

April 14, April 13, April 12, April 11, RJ Anda. PDA Media. Zeo joins in to save Masamune but is blown away in one hit, Toby arrives and stops the battle and tells Team Gold-Bank to really battle them at the local tournament. Both teams make it to the finals and Masamune and Vince are facing-off, Masamune thinks there is no hope but when Toby reminds him they have to become 1 he miraculously defeats Vince.

Masamune tells Toby to cheer for whoever he wants and challenge the winner so they can decide who is number 1. Zeo is seen training outside and gets a call from the HD Academy and is told to go there.

At HD Academy, Ryuga is battling training beys from the academy, he launches his bey with his hand and then uses Meteo L-Drago's spin stealing capability to win the battle. After the battle, Zeo is talking to Dr. Ziggurat about facing Ryuga to see the power of Meteo L-Drago and use that power to make the arrange system even better than it currently.

Zeo tells him that he wants to battle Ryuga without using the arrange system. Ryuga tells Jack to come battle him, but can't because his bey is not complete. Zeo enters the room and blames him and Gingka for making Masamune leave. Their battle start and Meteo L-Drago can't steal Flame Byxis spin power because of the spin track height. Meteo L-Drago sends Flame Byxis crashing into the stadium.

Zeo tries to use his special move but it wouldn't work. After the battle, Dr. After he failed, he created the arrangement system to make bladers reach their limits. He even brought him to the academy to observe him. Zeo is in the arrangement system and is experiencing pain from it. Ziggurat says he should be able to endure the pain because he is one of the few people compatible with it Toby can be saved. Zeo screams Toby's name and remembering the time he met him to Masamune leaving to beat Gingka to become number 1.

He tells Zeo to after Ryuga until Damian finishes his arranging. Gingka and the others go to the sports arena so Tsubasa and Yu can test out Eagle and Libra. At the arena Masamune spots Zeo and follows him with Gingka chasing him.

At the park they see Ryuga being circled around by him and HD Bladers. Zeo tells Ryuga to come back to HD Academy or he'll bring him by force.

Ryuga tells him to go on but Masamune interferes and is about to challenge him but Zeo tells him to stay out of it. He also tells Masamune that he's done living in his shadow and challenges him to a battle. Damian finishes his arrangement and Dr. Zigurrat tells him to go help find Ryuga. Masamune and Zeo's battle start and Zeo uses his real power which shocks Masamune and Gingka.

Ryuga tells him that it's the arrangement system and is challenged by the HD Bladers. Masamune tells Gingka to stay out it but Zeo continues to attack. It starts to control Galaxy Pegasus and Ray Striker to make to crash into each other. Masamune asked him what happened and Zeo told him that Toby's sickness got worse after he left. He also said he met Dr. Ziggurat one day and joined HD Academy in order to put Toby into a better hospital. At the sports arena, Damian looks for Ryuga but can't find him.

Tsubasa asks him who is he and Damian tells him he's from Team Star Breaker. He asks Tsubasa and Yu to help him test out his bey, Hades Kerbecs, and unleashes powerful energy that Gingka and Masamune can see. Zeo stops the battle after finding out Damian has finished his arrangement. He tells Masamune that he will defeat him in the finals and become number 1. Gingka goes back to the stadium and finds Tsubasa and Yu on the ground hurt with their beys destroyed again.

Gingka screams saying Team Star Breaker will pay. Tsubasa and Yu are in the hospital and are unable to compete in the final round. Gingka asks Madoka and Kenta who did this to them. Ryo contacts them and he knows what happen to Tsubasa and Yu. He says at the start of the world championships he became aware of HD Academy but didn't know its purpose.

Hikaru says they gathering bladers all over the U. Ryo says he'll have to suspend them for attacking Team Gan Gan Galaxy, but Gingka wants to defeat them in the stadium. Ryo won't suspend them, but he's negotiating with the WBBA for a sub member to replace Tsubasa and Yu in the final round. The match start with Klaus using his special move, Claw of the Storm, but Evil Befall takes no damage.

Grand Capricorn uses barrage attacks Evil Befall but, still takes no damage. Jack says Befall has limitless stamina and will spin forever. Grand Capricorn continues its attacks but Evil Befall counters and its attacks to cut through the stadium. It clashes Grand Capricorn and leaves scratches on its fusion wheel. It also continues to cut through the stadium and chases after Grand Capricorn.

Jack uses his special move, Befall The Ripper, to attack Grand Capricorn and cuts through the whole stadium. Klaus uses Claw of the Storm again to attack from the air, but Evil Befall counters it.

Julian encourages Klaus to win and not lose a second time. Klaus begins to power up and Capricorn regains it balance. Klaus rips his shirt while Capricorn begins to charge at Befall. Both special moves clash with each other causing an explosion.

Grand Capricorn stops spinning while stand up in scratches. Evil Befall comes down to the stadium while still spinning. Jack wins and tells Klaus that he became a part of his masterpiece. Wales and Sophie run to go check on Klaus, but he isn't moving. Gingka and the others look on in shock.

Jack gives his masterpiece a title called The Pitiful Baby Goat and laughs in joy. Klaus is taken to the hospital after the battle with Jack.

Before the next match starts, Damian asks Julian for a two out of three match because Gravity Destroyer can rotate both ways. Julian accepts and Dr. Ziggurat likes it because he needs data on a left-spinning bey since Ryuga escaped from him. Kerbecs begins to get the upper hand on Destroyer, but Julian switches to Counter Mode and uses the eyes of Medusa to stop its gravity.

Hades Kerbecs isn't affected by it and attacks Gravity Destroyer. Julian uses his special move, Gravity Brave, and begins Destroyer begins to shoot gravity arrows at Kerbecs. Damian makes Hades Kerbecs stop and is hit by Gravity Brave, but still has no effect on it. Damian says he's done with Destroyer's right rotation and uses his special move, Hades Drive, winning the first match. Julian picks up Gravity Destroyer and launches it in left rotation. Destroyer charges at Kerbecs and sends it into the air and uses Gravity Brave again but the arrow scatters into smaller ones.

He then uses his second special move, Black Excalibur, but it has no effect because Damian changed Kerbecs spin track to Boost Mode. Kerbecs continues to attack Destroyer and Julian starts to lose confidence, but Wales and Sophie enter the battle, causing Team Excalibur to be disqualified. Damian uses his second special move, Hades Gate, and chains to come out of door pulling Destroyer and both Cetus in.

Kerbecs then bites Destroyer on the neck and shoot flames at all three of them. Gravity Destroyer and both Grand Cetus stop spinning, making Damian the winner. Gingka, Masamune, Kenta, and Madoka are eating at a restaurant, talking about their plan for the final matches. Madoka believes that having a replacement member would increase the team's chances of winning and that Tsubasa and Yu would feel bad if the lack of a third team member became the cause of their loss to Team Star Breaker.

Gingka and Masamune reluctantly see the truth of her words, and Gingka suggests Kyoya as an option, however they realize that they don't know where to find him. Kenta proceeds to propose himself, but before the team can settle on it, Team Wang Hu Zhong comes in with pork buns, inviting them to dig in. They explain to them that they had heard about their problem, and they ask if one of their members could possibly be the sub member.

Kenta stands firm about his desire to be Japan's third representative for the final battle, so they decide to hold a bey battle to determine who will get the position. The four members of Team Wang Hu Zhong and Kenta begin their battle at the Bey Stadium, and Gingka and Masamune eventually join in as well, unable to hold themselves back, much to Madoka's annoyance.

All seven of them start their Special Moves, but Phoenix suddenly interrupts the battle and knocks all of their beys out of the stadium. Phoenix hands his mask to Hikaru and explains that the replacement member for Team Gan Gan Galaxy had already been settled on: himself. Everyone is shocked at his announcement, Gingka being a little embarrassed as Phoenix is his dad. Hikaru objects, and points out that as the Director of the WBBA, Ryo isn't allowed to join the team according to the rule book.

Kenta and Team Wang Hu Zhong are not allowed to join either because they participate in the tournament already. Suddenly, Blader DJ jumps in, stating that he has come to save them.

American DJ appears too, and it is revealed that the two DJs will fight each other in a bey battle to determine who will get the rights to announce the final matches of the world championships. They start their battle and begin announcing as if it were extremely heated and intense. However they actually aren't very good at beyblading because their beys are simply wobbling in one spot.

As the battle drags on, the two DJs continue to announce their battle's "shocking moments", but everyone else just groans at the irony.

The two DJs then commence a tongue twister contest to see whose mouth is the most agile and deserving of announcing the final battle. After their little competition, they see that their beys have started to slow down. They then decide to use their special moves to determine the winner with one hit. They make it out to be an enormous clash, but nothing really happened at all and the final result is a tie. They finally make the decision to announce the final battle of the World Beyblade Championships together.

The two DJs make a public announcement about the final battle. Teams and people from all over the world are listening in anticipation. Zeo and Dr. Ziggurat visit Toby before the final round. Gingka and the others visit Tsubasa and Yu, promising them they are going to win. Ziggurat tells Zeo he will cut off Toby's medical treatment if he loses. Gingka tells Masamune that he will battle Zeo, but Masamune says he has to because he doesn't know why Zeo is mad at him so Gingka lets him battle Zeo.

Masamune and Zeo battle in the first round with both wanting to become number 1. Ray Striker starts attacking Flame Byxis.

Zeo uses his special move, Destiny Needle, and starts controlling Striker. Zeo tries to make Striker have a ring out, but Masamune sends Ray Striker into the air to attack Byxis. Masamune tells Zeo he's gonna become number 1 for Toby and Zeo remembers he can not lose and activates a button on his belt.

Flame Byxis starts to become stronger and Zeo's arrangement starts to increase. Masamune stops his special move because of shock. Zeo wins the first round and passes out from the power and Dr. Ziggurat says he can rest for now.

Ryo and Hikaru have now confirmed that Dr. Ziggurat is up to something, and Gingka is more determined than ever to win the next battle. Ryuga is walking towards the city for the final round. In the locker room, Masamune arm is broken and wonders what Zeo Abyss was talking about. He tells Gingka he's got to win and Gingka says he'll battle in next two matches. Ziggurat tells Zeo that Toby's treatment will continue and that he can rest.

Jack starts shaking, saying he wants to battle. Before the second round officially starts, Meteo L-Drago crashes into the stadium and starts circling around it, with Ryuga catching it. He challenges Jack to a battle and replaces Gingka. Masamune says he'll battle Jack, but can't because his arm is injured. He asks Gingka if they can trust him with the battle, and Gingka tells him Ryuga is strong. They launch their beys and both clash with each other.

Masamune starts to get worry but Gingka tells him L-Drago can steal power and make it its own. Meteo L-Drago continues to spin and Jack makes Evil Befall attack and it starts to cut through the stadium. It makes a peacock on the stadium while attacking L-Drago and Jack uses his second special move, Beautiful Dead, to make Meteo L-Drago the peacock's eye. Meteo L-Drago then starts to spin faster from the power it stole from Evil Befall.

Ryuga uses his special move, Dragon Emperor Supreme Flight, again, and Jack sends Evil Befall to counter it, but is defeated and becomes the peacock's eye. Ziggurat is happy because he has data on Meteo L-Drago now to study. Ryuga then sends L-Drago through a window Dr.

Ziggurat is standing at and a piece of glass cuts him on the face. Ryuga tells Gingka that he will not allow him to lose to those fake Bladers in the next match while leaving. Gan Gan Galaxy talks about how Ryuga helped them, but Gingka tells them that Ryuga cared about defeating his own enemy. This game is such a big present for BeyBlade fans like me. We can relive the good memories! What do you think about BeyBlade Metal Masters?

Do you recommend it? Best Anime beyblade Cartoons Network. Addhunters June 9, at AM. SH July 10, at PM. Unknown 1 May at Popular Posts. I'm kinda confused by that. Also, would it not be easier to combine this in with the stickied thread concerning all the episode? It cuts down on the threads open. MyAnimeList Add me on your Switch!

The very kind beyblader just like Gingka Hagane, who wants to be the number 1 beyblader in the world. This season is really interesting, because wpisodes is involved and other strong bladers like kyoya, also beyblade metal masters episodes in hindi free download favorite Dark Eagle, the most interesting thing is tsubasa have a darkness inside his heart. I cannot explain much as i want to but let me tell you you don't gonna miss beyblade metal masters episodes in hindi free download one. Must watch to the mzsters of beyblade metal masters episodes in hindi free download season. Here you can download all episodes of beyblade metal masters for free. Download All Episodes Here. Posted by : BeyMaster Sunday, 31 January Unknown 14 October at nindi Unknown 1 May at Popular Posts. Beyblade metal fusion the first series of beyblade metal saga. This season start from Gingka Hagane and end to Ryuga. Ryuga has a da The very kind beyblader just like Gingka Hag Blogger templates. Contributors BeyMaster MegaFire. Powered by Blogger. Weekly post. beyblade metal masters episodes in hindi free download Beyblade Metal Masters Episodes In Hindi Free Download. Beyblade Burst Season 2 Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download, Beyblade Burst. Download Beyblade Metal Masters Hindi Episodes HD p [30MB] p p Hevc HD x x Based on Cartoon Hindi Dubbed. Beyblade Metal Fusion Episodes In Hindi Free Download. metal masters episodes hindi dubbedbeyblade metal fury episodes hindi. Free download latest new Beyblade: Metal Masters Hindi Episodes mkv high compressed coolsanime, Beyblade: Metal Masters Hindi. Beyblade Metal Masters Episode 25 (76) - HD - Download Beyblade Metal Masters Episode 26 (77) - HD - Download Beyblade Metal Masters. Beyblade metal fusion the first series of beyblade metal saga. This season start from Gingka Hagane and end to Ryuga. Ryuga has a dark. Beyblade: Metal Masters Buy Episode 1 Episodes (12). 1. The final matches of the Beyblade World Championships begin and Zeo of Team Star Breaker. Beyblade Metal Masters, the second stage of Beyblade Metal Saga starts with Masamune. The very kind beyblader just like Gingka Hagane. Beyblade Metal Fury is a third series (containing 39 episodes) after Beyblade Metal Fusion & Beyblade Metal Masters. The series We don't found all episodes in hindi so we upload some english dub episodes for your convenience​. If you want to see the whole series then just download it from here 1. Episode 01 - Star. Beyblade: Metal Masters, known in Japan as Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion The episode series was produced by d-rights and Nelvana under the direction of Kunihisa Sugishima. Chi-yun invokes powerful attacks that push the beyblades away with his free-rotation Spin Track Download as PDF · Printable version. This season start from Gingka Hagane and end to Ryuga. Featured Post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Popular Posts. December Popular Posts. We Do Not Support Piracy. Enter your email address:. Ryuga has a dark power and he is the strongest blader in the world who uses his dark powers to destroy other beybladers. Taking a break from their latest triumph over Faust and the Spiral Core, Ginga and Co find themselves saving a boy named Yuki from a mysterious youth named Johannes. Episode 14 — How Grand! June 1. The very kind beyblader just like Gingka Hagane, who wants to be the number 1 beyblader in the world. Download all Seasons and Episodes of Beyblade free. Powered by Blogger. beyblade metal masters episodes in hindi free download