bollywood instrumental music for wedding reception free download

bollywood instrumental music for wedding reception free download

Hi I just got a new computer but I purchased and downloaded this song on my old computer is there anyway i can download it again? Send me the title of the song you need to my email at sophonicmedia yahoo. Let me know if I am wrong? Hi, we are doing a promotion youtube video and will let it be freely public downloaded by anyone. This video is for promotion of our products. Can we buy your music in zip format, which has written license file?

Thank you for your reply. Is it OK if I use some of this music as background music for a youtube video as long as I give credit to Sophonic in the description? Sorry but if its to be used on Youtube and its not in the free section below the store it does have to be purchased and licensed.

I would like to download one of your tracks. Are there any other extra costs? Hi, Firstly, I wanted to say that you have some great work. Of course you can do that for fun but not in any commercial money making capacity. Hope this helps clear things up.

Thanks, Ryan. Can you please help me? Thank you. So ryan, im allowed to use it on my youtube videos just as long as i buy 6 dollar ones right? And also would you like my to credit your website and your music as well? It would benefit both of us greatly if you say so. A mixture of traditional Hindu instruments and psychedelic musical atmosphere of the s and hippie movement. This groovy track has a very cool Indian vibe and sounds hip and trendy.

Works well in travel videos, fashion documentaries, TV transitions, and anything Flower Power reality-based subject. Featuring Indian taste sitar samples and warm and smooth tabla groove brings you into a comfortable zone in your mind, surrounded by Indian feelings. This one is a graceful, magical cinematic bollywood royalty free track for your unique projects. It is a world music ethnic soundtrack that will seduce fans who appreciate authentic, sophisticated and elegant sound.

This music theme features traditional instruments as bansuri, sitar, tabla, tempura, santoor. Still, you can also use it in your today's modern commercials, movies, trailers, travel and nature videos and more.. A calm and relaxed Indian style world music track with a peaceful bansuri flute melody featuring santur, sitar, tanpura and soft synth pads. It ads a warm feeling and chill mood. Will work perfect with any media relating to yoga, meditation and India.

This Indian royalty-free soundtrack featuring traditional Hindi instruments like sitar, bansuri, tumbi, tabla, dholak, shehnai, harmonium, ghatam and modal. Suitable for ethnic theme documentaries, Bollywood productions.

Indian TV shows, exotic travel journey, and road adventures. Also perfect for the Indian Holi festival known as "the fest of spring, colours and love". Let's Dance and play with colours! Beautiful ethnic loop made in indian style. Good for relaxation, yoga projects. Would look great as an intro. Modern and catchy electronic chillstep music with a high-tech, SFX sounds and groovy ethnic beat. Fits perfectly for projects related to cutting edge technology, science research, technical developments, eco-friendly projects, life reality TV, modern gadget and apps.

A relaxed world beat chillout track with real bansuri flutes, santur and Indian drums. Profile Successfully Updated. This Email ID is already registered. Submit or click Cancel to register with another email ID.

Submit Cancel. Please enter Valid details Ok got it! Enter Email ID Submit. Edit Email Id Contact Us. Create New Save OR. Select From Existing Playlist. Listen to Taang Uthake - Housefull 3 1 day ago. Hip Hop. An elegant, uplifting and inspiring chamber orchestra and piano melody. Vibrant spiccato strings are accompanied by lively woodwinds and a beautiful piano melody. Great classical music for wedding ceremony, wedding processional, reception, anniversary, festive mood, romantic movie, bride and groom entrance.

A positive and cheerful acoustic guitar and piano track that may be suitable as background music in slideshows, commercials, photo albums, wedding videos, film, youtube, etc. A sentimental, mellow, warm, glowing acoustic surround. This track featuring piano melody. This relaxing track is great for photo slideshows, family movies, wedding videos, commercials, or any project needing an emotional and organic vibe.

Give Me Love is mellow, light, heartwarming music with optimistic and lovely mood. Ideal background music for success story, summer trip, youtube, vlogs, romantic videos, wedding projects, peaceful home video, slideshow. Featuring instruments are acoustic guitar, piano, drums, bells, bass. Inspiring and passionate Pop-Rock ballad. Featuring electric guitars and acoustic guitars, piano, electric bass, strings, and drums. This track is great for honeymoon love stories, romantic moments, happy end and dramatic cinematic productions.

This is motivational and hopeful royalty free music with an inspirational and lovely melody. Can be ideal background music for a sensitive love confession, beautiful emotional romantic scene, wedding ceremony, reflective moments, atmospheric timelapse, travel, Vimeo, family photo slideshows, Valentine's Day.

Gentle, emotional and romantic track with sentimental and cinematic mood. The warm sound of elegant piano and orchestra strings create very sensitive and intimate atmosphere. Perfect background music for any proper events such as wedding ceremony, love stories, success story, sweet and gentle moments of life.

A romantic, elegant, and emotional royalty-free cinematic piece featuring a gentle piano, strings, percussion, and bells. An inspirational, romantic, love music theme, with a heartfelt, and sweet piano melody, inspiring cello, and emotional cinematic strings, to give life to your most beautiful moments.

Released by Strumm Entertainment Pvt. Dec 20 Tracks By Various Artists. Forget football—our Sundays and Mondays are for shooting and editing heirloom-quality footage that will be treasured by our clients for decades, maybe even generations. But no pressure. Use these romantic tracks to bring your wedding videos to life. Many popular mainstream songs are renditioned into instrumental jazz songs by many jazz music artists. When selecting wedding music, you can consider different types of instrumental songs such as recorded music artists of the piano, guitar, sax, and harpists.

A solo piano loop with a lively tempo and magical melody downllad hauntingly beautiful harmonies. Great underscore for fantasy games, cartoon animations, nature documentaries, wedding preparation, jewelry commercials, and more. A positive and optimistic acoustic guitar and piano duet. Excellent music background for family-oriented material, precious memories, love, and never-ending friendships, wedding tips, and ideas, engagement video, romantic getaways, and uplifting commercials film. This heartfelt melody ensures that happiness is imminent, ideal for wedding ceremony scenes or similar love-related story-lines, this track also have a nice acoustic guitars and cool ukulele bollywood instrumental music for wedding reception free download, for a nice and special moment with really Positive and sweet vibe for a nice and sweet ads, bohemia song school di kitaab mp3 free download for a corporate use, montage videos, inspirational projects, motivational presentations and more. Tender and dreamy modern classical track, with inspirational elements featuring piano, strings, guitar, and percussion to create a romantic and uplifting mood. Best choice for love stories, family photo, scenes evoking exciting memories, passion-filled journey, reecption road to new achievements, and various cinematic productions. Tender musiic fairy classic-piano composition with a great inspiring, emotional mood. It will be a perfect choice for various media projects like a love story, romantic wedding video, sentimental commercials, final credits, uplifting promotional video, christian project bollywood instrumental music for wedding reception free download more. Emotional and beautiful piano music with dreamy bollywood instrumental music for wedding reception free download and warm sound. Nice background for romantic moments, sentimental events, inspiring speeches, philosophical quotes, touching videos, weddings, love stories, airy drone videos, nature landscapes and more. Sentimental romantical love music with bollywood instrumental music for wedding reception free download and heartfelt melody. This bllywood great for emotional receptlon, reflective moments, wedding videos and other. Instruments are piano and orchestral strings. Featuring piano, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitars and drums. Great choice for commercials, advertisements and wrdding project that needs a nostalgic and romantic sound. This track will take vree a travel in nostalgia. A touching and intimate cinematic music with sweet and lovely mood. This calm and peaceful piano tune could be perfect background music for a wedding ceremony, Saint Instrumenta videos, beautiful and emotional love stories, romantic and sentimental moments. Inspirational and romantic classical piano composition with beautiful and charming melody. Bollywood instrumental music for wedding reception free download excellent musical accompaniment for the wedding dress choice, elegant acharya balkrishna books in hindi pdf free download video, French riviera atmosphere, marriage bollywood instrumental music for wedding reception free download, love story, romantic scenes, peaceful moments, and much more. Emotional cinematic music with a tender and sentimental melody. Great for: heartfelt drama, true love story, emotional journey, reflective moments, wedding videos. bollywood instrumental music for wedding reception free download free. Play Bollywood Instrumentals for Weddings movie songs MP3 by Paras Nath and download Bollywood Instrumentals for Weddings songs on Best Wedding Background Music (Free Download) Now playing. · Inspirational Ambient - Uplifting Background Music Instrumental (FREE DOWNLOAD). Here you can find high-quality instrumental background music for wedding videos and more. Free Download ( kbps MP3) from AShamaluevMusic. 24 Background Music Tracks for Romantic Wedding Videos (and maybe even a few bucks) without sacrificing quality—and that's where royalty-free music tracks come in. Download This Triumphant Classical Piano Music. Indian music is extremely diverse and complex, by the Bollywood's unique way. 74 Indian melodies for commercial use & download background music in MP3 & WAV. music suits for travel projects, world documentaries, traditional wedding. Wedding melodies for commercial use & download background music in MP3 Suitable for a romantic soundtrack, wedding reception, heartwarming love This royalty-free music track is an amazing fusion of modern Bollywood music. Check out our list of the best 70 instrumental songs for weddings. Instrumental songs can also be played during a wedding reception including during the cocktail and Top 10 Current Classical Songs (as popular downloads on Amazon). Romantic Wedding Slow-Dance Songs | Loverly | Wedding Planning. Looking for the most romantic song to slow dance to on your wedding day? Check out our. Apart from many Hindi songs for wedding video editing, there are also feel free to pick as many from this list of songs for your wedding movie. If you like Wedding Instrumental Music Ideas, you might love these ideas. instrumental BEST INDIAN BOLLYWOOD WEDDING RECEPTION DANCE Printable Instant Digital Download • This listing is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. You will not receive We even found some creative ways go get free 75+ Cheap. Convert Uncommon Video. A happy-go-luck and feel-good acoustic track. Ideal for wedding videos, romantic and Valentines day videos, heart touching love videos, romantic films, and emotional commercials and advertising. Related Searches hindi video songs download hindi songs old hindi songs hindi old song. Will be a perfect choice for various media projects and inspiring videos, social experiments, motion graphics, advertisings, commercial presentations, slideshows promotional videos, etc. Video Converter for Windows. Cheerful, and positive tropical pop-dance track similar to Avicii but with some Indian elements. Abstract track with a psychedelic flavor, a mix of east and west music with participation of Sitar, synths bass and drums. If your projects needs an uplifting and positive sound, this track is just for you. Desktop Products Resources Support Downloads. Music therapy can begin with Instrumental Ringtones! Perfect background music for any proper events such as wedding ceremony, love stories, success story, sweet and gentle moments of life. Therefore, managing such an important event perfectly can put a really nice impact on your social status. Smooth and easy-going backdrop music recorded with muted Rhodes piano, fretless bass, and Indian tabla percussion. bollywood instrumental music for wedding reception free download