born again on the mountain pdf free download

born again on the mountain pdf free download

View all 4 comments. Jul 24, Jimish Parekh rated it really liked it. View 1 comment. Aug 21, Sankalpita bookGeeks India rated it really liked it Shelves: biography-and-memoirs , indian-readers-challenge , non-fiction , inspirational. Oct 13, Ayushi rated it it was amazing Shelves: biographies , indian-author , owned , inspiring-books , , feminism , idol , made-me-cry-happiness. I cannot stop applauding this book! It is definitely one of the most realistic, wholesomely inspiring and one of the most beautifully written books I have read so far.

This book will leave you in tears, happy tears to be exact. The first few chapters of the book give harrowing detail of the tragedy that Ms Arunima faced, but they also introduce you to her ferocious courage and indomitable will. It w I cannot stop applauding this book! It will inspire you so much that you will learn to never give up, just like this awesome lioness, Arunima Sinha! Please grab this book and read it.

It is such a wonderful book that you would want to pick it up and read it again and again when you feel low in life. It will recharge you and fill you with will and courage! Sep 03, Guruprasad rated it really liked it. What an Inspirational life story of an Indian Girl , who defeated death more than once with her courage and Hope. This Needs to be read by all School students as part of Moral Studies. Dec 28, Karan Sachdeva rated it it was amazing Shelves: memoirs-or-biographies , favorites.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Born Again on the Mountain by Arunima Sinha I remember the time in when the name of Arunima was all over the news, be it be on all major news channels or front pages of all national newspapers.

At that time I was disgusted by the event but I never expected her to rise from the ashes so when the news sources in again focused on her conveying that she had climbed Mount Everest and that to do as the first woman amputee I was struck amazed.

This book is a memoir of how Arunima went from bei Born Again on the Mountain by Arunima Sinha I remember the time in when the name of Arunima was all over the news, be it be on all major news channels or front pages of all national newspapers. This book is a memoir of how Arunima went from being lying on a rail track with her left leg being run over by a train to conquering the highest mountain in the world.

It proves that the widely believed claim that women are weak is incorrect. One more argument for this is that she had amputation surgery without any anesthesia.

Just the thought of it sends chills down my spine. Despite the mysterious death of her father and the murder of her brother in her childhood, Sinha family never lost their will to fight. This is also true after the incident. Rather than giving up after losing the leg, each and every member of the Sinha family fought back in their own ways. Due to being in paramilitary forces, he was rough and tough but surprisingly also very wise.

He planted the idea to climb Mount Everest and was also there to help at every point. Another such character was Bachendri Pal who was very encouraging and needs no introduction being the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest.

This memoir takes us from Bareilly, where the incident happened, to famous places like Delhi and Ladakh, and to secluded places like Gaumukh, and of course Kathmandu. It even includes Namche Bazar, which the book claimed is the highest market. Not only places, but it also mention some great characters as well such as Mr. Yadav Ji who also selflessly donated blood , Dr. Rakesh who had same experience as of Arunima leg being run over by a train but did not let it shatter him and became a doctor specialized in artificial limb, and even some Saints or Babas.

Arunima is a stronger believer in God and not wrongly so. There were many close calls while training, may it be falling off a cliff or crumbling down with a glacier. It was this faith that also helped her fight against all odds. Do you know this expenditure to climb Mount Everest took 52 days? It was also nice to read about what an Eco Expedition is — where the climbers bury their waste and on the way back from the summit take it along them so their actions do not cause destruction.

Memoir did not shy away from including the political aspects or personal opinions of Arunima which makes it even more interesting.

Of course, when it is our problem, we expect the world to help. What I read horrifically was that climbers abandoned their fellow climbers who were on verge of death at least one such case is talked about but then I doubt there was something they could do about it. This is a memoir that everyone should read! Feb 06, Anjan Shree Vaastav rated it it was amazing. A book that can ignite many hopeless young minds and people with disabilities,it restores the lost faith and ability in oneself.

It reveals the meaning of "Fear can hold you prisoner,Hope can set you free". I will give it around 8. An inspirational read. Apr 11, amit deshpande rated it really liked it. But it is just not another white box in calendar. The anger escalated due to resistance from Arunima made them drag her to train door and kick her multiple times till she flew in air and hit the other train moving in opposite direction.

Tossing her bet 11 April — yes, it is today!! Tossing her between trains couple of times before laying in between the rail tracks. She counted over 48 trains passing by — in both the directions — crying for help before she felt unconscious. And gain back her consciousness only to feel the excruciating pain, her one leg chopped off by moving train during the accident and other crushed till bones that rats had gathered around for feast.

What an inspirational true-story!! Through book, Arunima tells us an unbelievable tale. From a fight to survive till quest to stirring millions of lives with hope to live and succeed!!

As she writes - On the way to the Everest base camp, one can see the Everest peak on a clear sky from a particular point. Fortunately, the weather was clear when I arrived at that point.

As my Sherpa pointed to the spot, I froze. It was a thrilling view. A 9-mm rope can hold kg of weight. I was having great difficulty making my way upwards as it was difficult to find a grip on the ice. After several hits my feet got a grip on the snow. At times when I tried to hit the snow with my artificial left leg, it used to turn around at degrees under the impact. Imagine hanging from a cliff in that position.

I used to twist and turn my body at odd angles to be in a position to hold and fix my left leg by detaching the stump… [ ].. Jun 30, Partha Sarathi rated it it was amazing. Its the story about the first female amputee who scaled Mt. Everest in the world to set the world record. Well, this just a year ago when she was lying with her left leg chopped off by a train after being pushed out of a running train by some wolves in guise of man in an attempt to rob her.

But she did not give in. Now, in that cold night lying helplessly and soaked in her own blood the though of scaling Everest was more like a impossible dream for her, she did not even imagine of it.

But eventu Its the story about the first female amputee who scaled Mt. But eventually fighting through battles after a series of death and murder and bad happening to her family the book tells us about how she finally realized here dream of scaling Mt.

The book is a source of immense inspiration not only for mountain climbers but for people struggling to achieve their dreams working day and night in spite of failures in every sects of life.

Her efforts and struggle all throughout her journey to the top is a message for all of us that before you physically achieve any goal, most of it is at first conquered in hearts. Aug 06, Mukesh Murmu rated it it was amazing Shelves: owned , by-indian-authors , non-fiction , read-in , biography. Great Read It tells you one thing, all the constrain are in the mind. If you have made up your mind to something you can achieve it with perseverance and hard work.

It was really nice of her to mention the names of each person who had helped her to overcome her situation and difficulties in different phases of her life. If you are feeling low in your life and asking yourself if your life is worth living then her story will give your strength and show you what adversity really is. A must read. The book is a inspiration and it became the reason how I fell in love with books and reading all over again.

I recommend it to everyone who wants to get motivated to do the impossible and wants to read an autobiography different from the cliched ones. Mar 02, Sreelekha Nama rated it it was amazing. The power of perseverance and not giving up to the face of ugly fate has destined and re writing the wake of life with her grit and confidence. It is painful, unimaginable, upliftment to each individual who wants to give up. It's tale of a woman who conquered the heart of millions like never before, every human being is proud of Arunima Sinha!!

Aug 08, Shubhada rated it really liked it Shelves: inspiring. Really inspirational journey. It makes us believe that whatever happens, happens for good and one can hope until their last breath. This is thrilling story and really brings goosebumps while reading. Nice read! Oct 03, Manjeet Kaur rated it it was amazing. The events in the book appear fictional for how tough yet miraculous one's life can get; but, when you know the events are real, the book re-establishes faith in the philosophy that life is beautiful and unbiased for those who "want" to live it.

Mar 10, Shamika Joshi rated it it was amazing. Really a great book! Arunima a great salute to you Your are a true inspiration to the youngsters Lots and Lots of love to you!!!!!!!!

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