irc sp 112 2017 pdf free download

irc sp 112 2017 pdf free download

Any defects shall be corrected prior to taking up shafl furfiI the iequirements of final testing. Levels, thickness and degree of compaction of the layer shall be checked at Section 5 and 6 of this Manual. Any nonconformance shall be identified and corrected before proceeding to the next stage. Hence, sampling done at adjacent locations may All concrete works shall be inspected after the removal of the false work, staging, shuttering.

All elements shall be verified for lines, levels, dimensions and surface this lvianual. In case While sampling the stone quarries, the entire quarry shall be visually inspected for its of any shortfall in strength properties, NCR shall be issued and cores shalt be collected from homogenity of surface, quarity and the quarity and eitent of over burden.

Representative the respective components to verify the corresponding properties and the required corrective sample shall be carefufly serected for conducting various tests. Jt"ylil",3j:Ji ffffi: ;t1 ffffi"l:i[, 3. Annexure g. DATED: 1. Curing arrangements made Laboratory notified! Inspected by: Name: Signed: Date:. Approved by: Name: Signed: Date:.

No Observalion Wt. Prepared by checked by. Container No. Weight of Soil w,-W1. Remarks: wt. Approved by E 2. Category C: Testing proforma C Compaction :. OO 2aO 2. EI EdY Remarks: 9t. Head h Time t Quantity of Avg. Initial Dia. Stress Dial cauge Readings div. PrePared bY checked by Approved by. Category C: Testing proforma C st. Gauge No. O Determinalions 22 4. Prepared by checked by Approved by. PJepared by Checked by App. Prepared by Checked by Approved by. Uniaxial Compressive Strength Vm'?

Oven dried weight of fraction passing lS Sieve Oia. Area m, 2. The Maximum force 'X' Tonne S. Prepared by Checked by I 90 Approved by 10 11 Remarks:. Date oftesting :. Week No. Time of Needle lnitial s. Time of Needle Final No. Between lndicalors lndicators after 24 lndicatoas after 1,-L - mm No, water added penetration Setting Time No.

Acceotance Criteria: Remarks:. Prepared by Checked by Approved bY. Weight of bottle wj. Prepared by checked bY ApProved bY. Prepared by Checked by Approvod by. Propared by Chocked by Approved by. Prepared by Checkedlby Approved by.

Rate of heatino I Time, minutes t,.! EP at. Test property!. Fire point t 3. Wet soil Gms t fah 7 Wt. Dry soil Gms o 8 wt. Climatic Condition : Vehicle Speed i 0. Rate of Penetration per Blow in mm for '1. Category C: Testing proforma C. Material Source Defails. Prepared by Checked by Approved by zi 'oN ts E o-. I 90 90 For Contractor For Engineor.

For contractor For Engineer. Drawing Nos. Tender specification clause. No Test Method of tesi Obtained value Remaaks sl. Availability of adequate a Check the condition of aggregates to be used. Approved material a Check the weighing and water dispensing methods adopted during the mlxing. Check that the required mixing time is allowed. Check ifthe specified methods are being followed. Cleaning offorms a Check ifthe stipulated time limits are observed.

Safety arrangements a The concrete is not segregated during pour. The height ofdropping is controlled. Pouring is being done lose to the final position. For OA Engineer a No cement sturry is getting lost. Suitable numberc of carpenters are present to watch and repair Name: Signed: Date: formwork dudng pour, if required. In presence of: For Cont.

Inspected by: Name: '1. Check material is from Conforms to job mix formula 1. Conforms to job mix formula For QA Engineer approveo ootrow 2. Faee from deletorious 2. Free from deleteaious 2. Spread layer thickness is 3. Spread layer thickness is For ContJactor 3. Grading is acceptable acceptable acceptable 4. Spread layerthickness is 4.

Ivloisture is near optimum 4. Temperature at break down acceptable prioa to compaction rolling is within specs 5. Ivoisture is near optimum 5. No segregation during 5. No segregation during paving 6. No segregation during paving tolerance 7. Lines and levels wilhin 7. Lines and levels within Equipments lolerance rcrerance. Check Equipments Equipments '1.

Adequate for the work Check Check 2. In condition 'l 1. Adequate fof the work Adequale for the work 2. In condition 2 In condition. Name ofcontractor :. Name of contractor 1. Recelpt of d. Stipulated date of completion 2. Period Sl. No Designation" Name From To.

For Contractor For Engineer. Name : Namg :. Weekly Receipt lssue For week from d ET. E I g Name of Work 9o. R Closing balance. Name of Work : Name of Work :. Name of Contractqr : Name of Contractor :. Name : "Frequency ofcalibration for different equipment to be specified in advance. N6me :. Datel Name : Name : Datol. Name of Work : Name of Contractor :. Name of Contractor : No. Name : Name : Name :. Signed :. Date: Date: Date:. Weekly Receipvlssue For week from to 1 Name ofwork : 5.

Name and number of component. Date of Casting: Name of Work :. Span length :. Name of Contractor : indicate avg cube skength at 7 and 7. Gauge pressure not to exceed : 28 days as per design Closing Balance at site of work :. Previous week 4. Name ' Name. Srgned I Signed :. Signed : Date:. Date: Date:. Consignment No. Grout Pump No. Any equipment failure Post grouting checks Probing by stiff wire Remarks Signatures of officers present during grouting.

Signed : Date: Signed: Date:. The interaction takes olaces st. Sample Ref No. Structure Wet Concrete Hardened Concrete Propeft ies on issues like project execution, progress reporting, quality of works, invoicing, revised No. Temp Slump 3 days 7 days 28 days 9. All the stakeholders shall ensure that the documents Range are legible, readily available and retrievable at alter date. Comments 9. For this purpose, e-tools may be the preferred option for the communication. The internal and external communication needs are reouired Name : Name I to be identifled with respect to what will be communicated, when, with whom and how- related to all aspects of project implementation including total quality management of the project.

Signed I Signed: 9. In the process of document digitization, any type of document like text, images and videos are digitized and converted into digital formats such as. Some of the advantages of digitization are perpetual preservation of vulnerable physical documents, quick and easy retrieval, easy access and easy to share.

All original records must be examined for their digitization suitability prior to the digitization process. This process will determine the extent of preparation required and ensure that successful images are obtained from the digitization process.

E-Tools is a generic term, which covers usage of a combination of computer hardware, software, communication tools and technolooies for. Key beneflts of E-Tools are: Project. These are written in form of various steps in a particular sequence supplemented by suitable sketches to be self-explanatory.

These method. Better quality, speed and effective flow of information. Builds transparency and accountability at all levels. These records will enable preparation of the completion report as well as investigation of 9. During the course of DPR preparation, several discussions are made at site as well as office, v Non-conforming Products: Detailed statements have to be prepared which impact different aspects of the project. Reports, lA plans submitted by the Consultant shall be maintained at the site office of Authority.

For the quality of the finished work, it is necessary for the materials and workmanship to fully comply with the work requirement.

Receiving ofllcer to whom documents are issued at site should maintain personnel to perform such audits and define the frequency and procedure similar record. The method of reporting the findings and recommendations and the ii Inspection Proforma: These are used for the purpose of seeking approvals means for corrective actions shall be documented.

These are usually supplemented by standard checklists which approvals, tratfic diversion, safety and environmental safeguards measures have to be verified by the 'Engineer'and after he is satisfied about contents, etc. The Proforma are usually maintained in two forms - one for The conditions of Contracvconcession Agreement provide all information recording the observations during each test and calculation of quality and the required content of "As-built Drawings", and responsibilities for their characteristics.

The second is for recording the summary of test results to preparation. The Engineer must supervise, monitor, and check iv Method Statements: The method statements give a detailed proposal the preparation of the As-built Drawings. The preparation of these drawings of the constructing agency for carrying out each and every activity in the must be performed during the course of the works and must not be left until. The authenticated documents should v, be kept under the safe custody of site offlce ofAuthority after completion of the work.

Asample of the RFI is given in Annexure 9. ReMAnxs tnspecting o Attached drawings have been checked and agreed with above list lssued by: Receipt Acknowtedged. Inspection Date Time 'lo. Plant Machine Type Model No. Manufacturer Manufacturer date Prior to second decade of 20h century industrial quality control meant inspection of products and removing defective ones. Shewhart started the process Control whlle workino in Western Electric Company jn the year and further developed it when he moved to Eell General Conditions Laboratories.

A physicist, engineer and statistician by profession, Dr. Shewhart framed the problem in terms of assignable-cause and chance-cause varjation and Overall Appearance introduced the control chart as a toolfor distinguishing between the two.

Apart from Environmental Condition his statistical prowess,it was Deming's philosophy to manage a,,system" to achieve a high quality product or service that resulted in the grand success of Japanese manufacturing Specifi cation Requirements industry Deming's chain reaction is given below: Spec. Clause No. The next step foMard in quality management is six-sigma A six sigma process is one in which Because ofthe proDerties Date: Date uate of the normal distribution, values lying that far away from the mean are extremely unlikely: approximately 1 in a billion too low, and the same too high.

This is Sample Space: In probability theory, the Sample Space of an experiment or random trial is why Six Sigma aims to have processes where the mean is at least 60 away from the nearest the set of all possible outcomes or results of that experiment. Random Sampling: Random Sample is a subset of a statistical population Lot in which Speciflc managementtools are employed in allthe 3 methods mentioned above by monitoring each member of the subset has an equal probability of being chosen.

A simple Random certain statistical parameters in different stages of manufacturing. Sample is meant to be an unbiased represenlation of the Lot. The process of selecting a 1O. Variability occurs in materials and processes used for road Mean: Mean refer to a measure of the central tendency either of a probability Distribution or construction. Limiting the variability is a prime objective of QA Plan but variability does exist and needs Variance: Variance measures how far a set of numbers is spread out.

The variance of a Random VariableX is the expected value of the squared deviation from the Mean. Adding to the variability of materials and processes, there Standard Deviation; Standard Deviation SD, also represented by the creek letter sigma is also considerable variation in the process of sampling of materials carried out for testing o or s is a measure that is used to quantify the amount of variation or dispersion of a set of and actual testing of materials resulting in measurement errors.

Under such circumstances, data values. The standard Deviation of a Random variable, statisticar population, data set, statistical analysis helps in taking informed decisions about acceptance. While the guidelines or Probability Distribution is the square root of its Variance.

Essentially, statistical quality control called a continuous Probability Distribution. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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