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Percy Jackson. And e Olympians. Chat box 147283. Oceanwaves345 (Percy) has signed. Brainiac1224 (Annabe) has signed. Oceanwaves345: hey Annabe what's up? BlossomHeart69 has left Konoha Group Chat. SandStone-Golddigga has entered Konoha Group Chat. ItaIchaKistuneWuv: Hey, Kyuu-chan. Using Shuukaku's account to talk to Naru? SandStone-Golddigga has left Konoha Group Chat. ItaIchaKistuneWuv: I feel like playing Runescape right about now get ready to be killed in e Wildy, n00bs! sasunaru naruto sasuke narusasu yaoi sasukexnaruto narutouzumaki sasukeuchiha boyxboy sakura uchiha narutoxsasuke uzumaki kakashi anime fanfiction narutoshippuden itachi . FanFiction. unleash nings: Yaoi, SasuNaru, Slight OOC, AU, Attempted Suicide, Lemon you get e drift. Chapter One. Naruto's P.O.V. I felt my life running before my eyes as e blood ran out of my wrists. Who knew at blood was so pretty. Especially when it was coming out tanned skin. I wonder who would find me in my apartment? Strictly SasuNaru is a collection of e best SasuNaru stories written here at fanfiction dot net. No NaruSasu, or girl Naruto. Most are complete, but ose aren't are wor waiting for. Rating are mostly M ough. No need for you to sift to e k at some people post. . Apr 13,  · First fanfic ever!! For ose of you who might see is viedo posted by AnimeAlice254 at was my old account so dont get confused and ink I stole is Fanfic when I didn't. We would like to show you a description here but e site won’t allow us.Learn more. 06,  · Title: Cheat Au or: xro etalsx Website: Chapters: Onety-One (11 for e uncultured swines.) Words: 32809 (Eh, kinda long, no?) Woof!Woof! Naruto and Sasuke have e same girlfriend, but it’s imperative Sakura doesn’t find out ey know about her cheating ways. What will come of ese two’s situation, and ere unusual attraction to one ano er? e story of love (a sasunaru fanfic) Fanfiction. Sasuke is in a top of e line high school called e leafs high and he has his sights set on e transfer student from Japan Naruto Uzumaki but will he ever have e guts to tell e lovely blond how he feels? auhighschool naruto romance romantic sasuke sasukespov sasunaru. An Archive of Our Own, a project of e Organization for Transformative Works. Browse rough and read percy jackson and kotlc fanfiction stories and books. Browse rough and read percy jackson and kotlc fanfiction stories and books. Sign up Log. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. Settings Language. So is is a chat room where I invite my favorite characters. My character is Sunny. Tags Adventure Fanfiction Humor Pjo Percy Jackson X Reader One Shots Heros Of Olympus Y/N c reated IMPORTANT PEOPLE chatroom. Y/N invited Annabe, alia, Apollo, Artemis, Posiedon, Tyson, Nico, and Grover. Anime fanfiction xreader haikyuu bnha haikyuufanfiction myheroacademia mha manga volleyball haikyuuxreader animexreader kageyama animefanfiction bokunoheroacademia karasuno todoroki ༆In which Hinata got bullied on e group chat so he ided to add his cousin, Y/N, to help him. We sometimes use reaction pics contains swearing we do not. Onesided SasuNaru. SasuNaru - Freeform. Angst. Dark!Tsunade. Canon Divergent. Sum y. Naruto had leaned in and kissed him. And it had been every ing and no ing at Sasuke had wanted. Canon-divergent, onesided SasuNaru. Language: English Words: 956 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 9 Kudos: 62 Book ks: 3 Hits: 1915. Save. 27,  · e first time Sasuke sees Naruto, ey are six years old. Sasuke is not stupid, he learns fast, and ere are ree basic ings about Naruto you can know after being five seconds in e same room as him: first, he’s noisy. Second, he talks a lot. ird, he’s annoying. Years later, Sasuke inks e same, but Naruto is much more an at. mpreg boyxboy gay bxb taekook omegaverse bl namjin omega alpha fluff werewolf bts gkook vkook lgbt taehyung fanfiction angst yaoi. 1.2K Stories. Sort by: Hot. Hot New 1. Alien [Zarry] by Z. 297K 20.7K 62 I ink I saw Jesus last night ning: Story contains mild drug use/references along wi ual content and bad language. Story. or: where wendy gay panics in e wrong discord chat, and chaos ensues. (twice & mamamoo appear as side-ish characters! ough ere are some characters who play a kind-of-central role in e fic:o) updates every sunday! Language: English Words: 20,954 Chapters: 15/? Comments: 186 Kudos: 283 Book ks: 32 Hits: 7326. 05,  · e Harry Potter series: J.K. Rowling's seven-book chronicle of a boy wizard, his life at a British boarding school and his battle against e evil Lord Vol uh, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named . SasuNaru Chapter 2 Naruto slides out of bed and slowly gets dressed. Getting home late and barely getting any sleep, he was exsauhsted. He slips on his shoes and leaves his house. Walking down e street tods e hokage's, promising to help her wi a favor is morning. e sun was bright, he squinted trying to shild his eyes. 01, 2009 · Talk Dirty to Me, a Naruto fanfic - FanFiction.Net sum y: College student Naruto can't figure out why his laptop won't turn on. So he ides to give tech support a call. It ends up being e best phone conversation of his life. SasuNaru e Curse of e Red Vine Lovers: e Curse of e Red Vine Lovers, a Naruto fanfic - FanFiction.Net. 28,  · (Or how a Yamanaka Jutsu gone wrong awakens ano er voice in Naruto's head. But instead of a giant ball of malevolent chakra who isn't really at malevolent, just grumpy. what he awakens is e soul of a Naruto fanfiction writer who really just wants to see all eir favs happy. And what e fuck is going on wi Orochi u?) Language: English. 27,  · Featured Rooms Fanfiction. Add to library 18 Discussion 12. Accidentally In Love(Bakushima) Completed 4 mon s ago MHAStoryWriter. Romance Fanfic Valentines Day Kirishima Kirishima Eijiro Eijiro Kirishima So what if Kirishima and Bakugou met during middle school, but Bakugou didn't know at? Kirishima did look a lot different while. Like funny chat rooms for demigods? Read ese! Bo by me! link If you wanna read some ing funny read is! e prank e scared Percy for life! By me! link link link is is my song fic I wrote! Read it! Enchanted wi a story wi in e song! link is is my story Betrayed! Read it! link is is a . Featured Harry Potter Chat Fanfiction. Add to library 165 Discussion 54 Browse more Anime/Manga Harry Potter Romance. Various X Reader Imagines. e 28, Echo. Anime/Manga Romance Movie Fun Manga Harry Potter Chat Noir, Jack Frost, Hiccup, Newt, Harry Potter! You . In Naruto x Sasuke, Naruto is e seme and Sasuke is e uke, where as in Sasuke x Naruto Sasuke is e seme and Naruto is e uke. Some people refuse to read a pairing ey really like if one character is uke when ey usually like em seme and vice-versa. ^^ (Just incase seme = person on top, e 'guy' in e relationship and uke = person on bottom, e 'girl' in e relationship). Fanfiction Romance Harry Potter Love Story Gryffind Harry Potter Humor Hello Harry Potter, long time no see. Add to library 4 Discussion. e rules. e 12, lara. Hi I would like to know if ere is a IRC room or a chatroom if not can please you make 1 Forums: Index Help desk Is ere a chatroom or IRC room? e gang gets toge er wi e Gods to read about Percy and his adventures! Apollo. Despite at my flesh was practically melted in some places I couldn't.. Jason shrugged. Despair was e only emotion she felt from him. At at Percy broke into a large grin and clapped happily. He took a deep brea and continued My body was so broken already when he zapped me my form.

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