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18,  · A 341 meeting, which takes place about a mon after an individual files for bankruptcy, gets its name from section 341 of e bankruptcy code. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and 341 Meetings. Section 34: Stockholders' meeting Section 34. Whenever e commissioner has paid to every depositor and creditor of such corporation, not including stockholders, whose claims as such creditors or depositors have been duly approved and allowed, e full amount of such claims, and has made proper provision for unclaimed and unpaid deposits or dividends, and has paid all expenses of e. e meeting of creditors is a hearing all debtors must attend in any bankruptcy proceeding. e meeting of creditors is held outside of e presence of e judge and, depending upon e case chapter, usually occurs between 21 and 50 days after e filing of e petition. Section 341 of e Bankruptcy Code requires every debtor to personally attend a meeting of creditors and to submit to an examination under oa. e meeting is held outside e presence of e judge. In Chapter 7, 12 and 13 cases, e trustee assigned by e United States Trustee conducts e hearing. When conducting IEP Team meetings and placement meetings pursuant to is subpart, and subpart E of is part, and carrying out administrative matters under section 615 of e Act (such as scheduling, exchange of witness lists, and status conferences), e parent of a child wi a disability and a public agency agree to use alternative means of meeting participation, such as video. 16,  · Effective immediately, all in-person chapter 7, 12, and 13 section 341 meetings scheduled rough April , are hereby continued until a later date to be determined. Section 341 meetings not proceed during is period except rough telephonic or o er alternative means not requiring personal appearance by debtors. Section 34: Use of voting machines by cities and towns Section 34. A city or town , by vote of a majority of e city council or by vote of a majority of e board of selectmen, at a meeting held at least one hundred and twenty days before e pri y, preliminary election or election at which voting machines are to be used, determine upon and purchase, lease, or lease wi an option. Sec. 34.004. MEETINGS. (a) e review committee shall meet at least quarterly. e review committee meet at o er times at e call of e commissioner. (b) Meetings of e review committee are subject to Chapter 551, Government Code, except at e review committee shall conduct a closed meeting to review cases under Section 34.007. 12,  · However, if e responsible U.S. Trustee or case trustee determines at an in-person examination of e debtor is required to ensure e completeness of e meeting or protection of estate property, e U.S. Trustee approve e continuation of e section 341 meeting to an in-person meeting in a manner at complies wi local public. Section 34: Town clerks. enumeration of fees Section 34. Unless o erwise established in a town by town meeting action and in a city by city council action. and in a town wi no town meeting by town council action, by adoption of appropriate bylaws and ordinances to set such fees, e fees of city and town clerks shall be as follows:—. (g) Failure to receive relevant medical records, as provided in section 35 of Title 8 of e California Code of Regulations and section 4062.3 of e Labor Code, prior to a scheduled appointment shall not constitute good cause under is section for e evaluator to cancel e appointment, unless e evaluator is a psychiatrist or psychologist. Section 34: Support of schools. appropriations. recommendations Section 34. Every city and town shall annually provide an amount of money sufficient for e support of e public schools as required by is chapter, provided however, at no city or town shall be required to provide more money for e support of e public schools an is appropriated by vote of e legislative body of e. All meetings of e commission shall comply wi e act of y 19, 1974 (P.L.486, No.175), referred to as e Public Agency Open Meeting Law. (b) Annual election of officers. At e meeting held in uary of each year, e commission shall elect one of its members . 29,  · SECTION 341(a) MEETING OF CREDITORS REQUIRED STATEMENTS/QUESTIONS.. 1. State your name for e record. Is e address on e petition your current address? 2. Please provide your picture ID and social security number card for review.. If e documents are in agreement wi e § 341(a) meeting notice, a suggested statement for e record. Chapter 34 Existing Structures. e meeting rooms in a conference center, as well as offices and o er work areas in which e activities of e public accommodation or o er e value for building height shall be e lesser value determined by e formula in Section 3412.6.1.1. Chapter 5 shall be used to determine e allowable. e seismic evaluation and design shall be based on e procedures specified in Chapter 16 or ASCE 41 per is section. Chapter 16 of is code using one hundred per cent of e prescribed forces, or, Compliance wi ASCE 41 based on e applicable performance level as shown in Table 3401.4.2. It shall be permitted to use e BSE-1E. (a) First Meeting (b) Second Meeting (c) Regular Meeting 71. Meeting of a Convention. (a) An Organized Convention (b) A Convention not yet Organized Art. XIII.- Legal Rights of Assemblies and Trial of eir Members. 72. Right of an Assembly to Punish its Members 73. Right of an Assembly to Eject any one from its Place of Meeting 74. Chapter 24: An Act to renew certain Privatization. Land grants to e State of Alabama. Apr , 1869: PDF, 196KB: Chapter 25: An Act concerning e Attorney-General. Apr , 1869: PDF, 0KB: Chapter 26: An Act to extend e Time for e Little Rock and Fort Smi Railroad Company to complete e first Section of twenty Miles of said Road. Apr. GENERAL CONTRACTOR LICENSING LAW. Chapter 8 of Title 34, Code of Alabama, 1975 as amended. Important sections of e code are listed below, however to get e latest information, check e Code of Alabama online at e ALISON system. Any agency, a majority of whose meetings properly be closed to e public pursuant to paragraph (4), (8), (9)(A), or of subsection (c), or any combination ereof, provide by regulation for e closing of such meetings or portions ereof in e event at a majority of e members of e agency votes by recorded vote at e beginning of such meeting, or portion ereof, to close. Open PDF file, 151.25 KB, for Chapter 34: Temp overnight Shelter amend (PDF 151.25 KB) Open PDF file, 158.25 KB, for Chapter 34: Existing Buildings (PDF 158.25 KB) Open PDF file, 111.46 KB, for Chapter 34: Existing Buildings corrected e (PDF 111.46 KB) is is part. A trust account for which a depositor is trustee, including a trustee under a certificate of trust delivered under Section 34.306(b), is not subject to e right of set-off under is section unless e trust relationship is solely evidenced by e account card as provided by Subchapter B, Chapter 111, and Chapters 112 and 113, Estates Code. Chapter 13: An Act to provide for e temporary Increase of e Navy. 24, 1861: PDF, 186KB: Chapter 14: An Act for e Relief of e Widows and Orphans of e Officers, Seamen, and ines of e United States Sloop-of Levant, and for o er Purposes. 24, 1861: PDF, 99KB: Chapter 15. CHAPTER 34-36.1 Condominium Law Index Of Sections § 34-36.1-1.01. Short title. § 34-36.1-1.02. Applicability. § 34-36.1-1.03. Definitions. § 34-36.1-1.04. Mandatory Factors under Chapter 208, s.34. M.G.L. c. 208 s. 34 provides at e court shall (at means must) consider e following specific factors when making an order relative to e equitable division of a ital estate. Leng of e riage is is an important factor which is likely why it is listed as e very first factor at must be considered. Chapter 208: Section 34. Alimony or assignment of estate. determination of amount. heal insurance [Text of section as amended by , 124, Secs. 1 and 2 effective ch 1, . See , 124, Sec. 7. For text effective until ch 1, .] Section 34. Upon divorce or upon a complaint in an action brought at any time after. 01,  · Section 34-13-1 Definitions. 34-13-2 Purpose of chapter. 34-13-3 Applicability of chapter. 34-13-4 Publication of statutes and regulations. 34-13-5 Courts having jurisdiction. initiation of proceedings. 34-13-6 Recourse by a licensee against unreasonable orders . Article V, § 34-511 et seq. _____ Sec. 34-271. Definitions. As used in is Chapter 34 Article 4 Divisions 14, e following terms shall - have e following meanings: Advanced plan means: a) As it related to a letic fields, submitted to and approved by SAWS, an irrigation schedule based on precipitation rates for irrigation systems. 2006 Alabama Code - Section 34-18-46 — Meetings. quorum. e board shall meet at least once in each year for e purpose of holding examinations as in is chapter provided and at such o er times as e board deem expedient. Special meetings of e board shall be called by e secretary-treasurer upon request of e president, or upon. (1) A fee, gratuity, or o er consideration not be paid for a claimant in connection wi any proceedings arising under is chapter, unless approved by e judge of compensation claims or court having jurisdiction over such proceedings. Any attorney’s fee approved by a judge of compensation claims for benefits secured on behalf of a claimant must equal to 20 percent of e first $5,000. Section 34 of Chapter 152, deals wi workplace accidents at result in a temporary total incapacitation. Under is section, you can collect temporary total disability benefits for up to ree years. If you are still incapacitated beyond at time period, you can apply for permanent and total disability benefits under Section 34A of e same. ,  · CHAPTER 34: EXISTING STRUCTURES 3401.1 Replace as follows: 3401.1 Scope. Chapter 34 of e International Building Code 2009 (IBC 2009) is deleted in its entirety. e alteration, repair, addition, and change of occupancy of existing buildings shall be controlled by e provisions of e International Existing Building Code 2009 (IEBC 2009). Subdivision. Regular meetings. A schedule of e regular meetings of a public body shall be kept on file at its pri y offices. If a public body ides to hold a regular meeting at a time or place different from e time or place stated in its schedule of regular meetings, it shall give e same notice of e meeting at is provided in is section for a special meeting. 34.040. Purchases to be made on competitive bids, when, how — standard specifications, when — exception — failure to pay taxes, effect of — reverse auctions, when — rulemaking au ority. —. All purchases in excess of ten ousand dollars shall be based on competitive bids, except as o erwise provided in is chapter. Code of Alabama Title 34 - Professions and Businesses. Chapter 5A - Behavior Analysts. Section 34-5A-3 - Composition of board. compensation. meetings. rules and fees. investigations. Alabama Behavior Analyst Licensing Board Fund. General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 156B Certain Business Corporations - Section 34 Special stockholders’ meeting. Section 34. (a) Special meetings of e stockholders of a corporation not described in subsection (b) be called by e president or by e directors, and shall be called by e clerk, or in e case of e dea, absence. is is FindLaw's hosted version of Alabama Code Title 34. Professions and Businesses. Use is page to navigate to all sections wi in e Title 34. Professions and . SECTION 34-30-3. Conversion to federal charter. procedure. SC Code § 34-30-3 () What's is? A state savings bank, stock or mutual, organized and operated under is chapter, convert to a federal charter in accordance wi e laws and regulations of e United States and wi e same force and effect as ough originally. A recipient provide arate toilet, locker room, and shower facilities on e basis of, but such facilities provided for students of one shall be comparable to such facilities provided for students of e o er. [45 FR 30955, 9, 1980, as amended at 85 FR 30579, 19, ]. New England. 81C Shrewsbury Street PO Box 743 Boylston, Ma 01505 Email: [email protected] Phone: 508-869-0000 Fax: 508-869-0009. Tennessee Code Title 34. Guardianship Section 34-1-. Read e code on FindLaw counsel means a private lawyer hired by a respondent to represent e respondent's interest in any action under is chapter and chapters 2 and 3 of Guardian ad litem means a person meeting . (6) e individual has been paid sufficient wages for insured work to qualify for a weekly benefit amount as provided in Code Section 34-8-193. (b) An individual who is laid off wi a scheduled return-to-work date wi in six weeks from e date of aration shall be considered attached to e employer and exempt from seeking work. Section 34-14A-1 - Legislative intent. Section 34-14A-2 - Definitions. Section 34-14A-3 - Home Builders Licensure Board. Section 34-14A-4 - Meetings of board. compensation. Section 34-14A-5 - Licenses required. exceptions. fees. Section 34-14A-6 - Exemptions. Section 34-14A-7 - Applications for issuance or renewal of license. records. inactive. Section: 34:19-: Required participation by employee in meetings, communications prohibited. exception. 2. No employer or employer's agent, representative or designee , except as provided in section 3 of is act, require its employees to attend an employer-sponsored meeting or participate in any communications wi e employer or its agents or representatives, e purpose of which. (3) Wherever a local fair housing law provides rights and remedies for alleged discriminatory housing practices which are substantially equivalent to e rights and remedies provided in ss. 760.20-760.37, e commission shall notify e appropriate local agency of any complaint filed under ss. 760.20-760.37 which appears to constitute a violation of e local fair housing law, and e. Chapter 00 K-20 GENERAL PROVISIONS. SECTION 34 Member jurisdictions. 00.34 No action of e commission shall be binding unless taken at a meeting at which a majority of e total number of votes on e commission are cast in favor ereof. Action of e commission shall be only at a meeting at which a majority of e commissioners are. § 34-28-4. Notice of intention to claim lien. (a) Except as provided in § 34-28-7, any and all liens claimed or at could be claimed under §§ 34-28-1, 34-28-2 or 34-28-3 shall be void and wholly lost to any person claiming under ose sections unless e person shall, before or wi in two hundred (200) days after e doing of such work or e furnishing of such materials, mail by prepaid. 01,  · e Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, PART II Insolvency Resolution and Liquidation for Corporate Persons CHAPTER III Liquidation Process Section 34: Appointment of liquidator and fee to be paid: *34. (1) Where e Adjudicating Au ority passes an order for liquidation of Read More Section 34: Appointment of liquidator and fee to be paid. Section 34-230 (5 ILCS 5/34-230) Sec. 34-230. School action public meetings and hearings. (a) By ober 1 of each year, e chief executive officer shall prepare and publish guidelines for school actions. e guidelines shall outline e academic and non-academic criteria for a school action. ese guidelines shall be created wi e.

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