stranger at the pentagon pdf free download

stranger at the pentagon pdf free download

Paperback in English - 1st ed. People President Eisenhower , President Nixon. Places United States. Times 's , Post-atomic bomb. Classifications Dewey Decimal Class S79 b. Ligia Levin from lilicanewyork. April 5, Edited by KLGM. December 3, He gave Val a lesson in atomic fusion. He went on to state that when a chain reaction of nuclear fission is set off by a neutron bombardment in the atoms or a charge of plutonium or uranium isotope with an atomic weight of U , an immense quantity of energy is suddenly released.

The good. Colonel finally talked himself out and Val was conducted back to his quarters his uniform. Chiefs of State were in a constant turmoil and confusion was the rule of the day. Indecision caused delay after delay. Economists and industrial giants conferred with. The Government leaders could not reconcile Val's being in a position to force their hand if he so desired.

Several scientists attempted to. Christmas week was now upon us. I had been busily presenting a series of scientific lectures and speaking at a number of Churches in Washington, D.

Unbeknownst to me, Val, working with "Nancy Warren" she was one of only a few since his arrival at the Pentagon in whom he was able to discern an honest and open heart and who loved Almighty God , her country and her fellow man , formulated a plan whereby I would be contacted. Inside the Pentagon. Many Earth people live one life openly while in their hearts and minds, they live quite another.

John Mears , in Washington, D. Following the conclusion of my talk, she approached the platform and asked to speak to me. Strangely enough, the photographer in New Jersey had given Val's photographs to me and I had been displaying them at my lectures ever since. I had no personal knowledge of them, other than what I had been told by the photographer. We borrowed the Pastor's study and she asked me if I would like to meet the man in the photographs personally.

Of course, I answered her with a resounding yes. She then asked if I could follow instructions to the letter, to which I replied that I could, and she told me to meet her at the curb in front of my hotel at am the next morning.

Those of you familiar with the Pentagon know that the normal traffic flow approaching it is to the right. We drove to the left. I knew then that something strange was going on. We had to stand in line to pass by a security guard. This utterly amazed me and I felt that at any minute, I would be picked up, handcuffed and thrown into some jail somewhere. This of course was only my imagination and anticipation of what was about to take place. As the door opened, I walked in and stood on the threshold.

My stocky form shifted from one foot to the other as I cleared my throat. The three men in the room were completely unaware of my presence and ignored me. I was puzzled to say the least. Later, I would find out that Val had clouded their minds and rendered them oblivious to the entire session.

They continued with their work. The Stranger Appears. Being a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ , as well as a student of the Bible for many years, coupled with my experience as an special investigator, I felt as though my senses were functioning properly and that I knew exactly what I was about to do.

I was on my guard for fakes and frauds. In walked a man, about six feet tall, perhaps pounds, brown wavy hair, brown eyes. His complexion appeared normal and slightly tanned. With a warm smile and extending his hand, he greeted me by name. How are you? As I gripped his hand, I was somewhat surprised to feel the soft texture of his skin that of a baby but with the strength of a man that silently testified to his power and intensity.

His voice was very strong and mellow. It was filled with purpose and character. I again looked around the room to see whether the other men would say or do anything.

They were still working as if I weren't there. I noticed that he was wearing the same type of clothing as I. When I asked if he possessed. He then proceeded to a closet and produced a one- piece "suit" that glittered as the sun which streamed in through the window hit the fabric. I thought that it looked like liquid sunshine.

I asked him about the material from which it was made. He answered, "It is made of a material not of this Earth. The general appearance of the suit was all one piece. I asked him how it held together. He demonstrated by holding the front together and passing his hand over it as if to smooth it out.

I could not even locate the opening. It was held together by an invisible force. To Help Mankind. He told me that his purpose in coming was to help mankind return to the Lord. He spoke in. God than ever before, but there was still a good chance if man looks in the right place. He said that man was further away from.

Claiming that he would not use force to speak with men in authority in America, he was happy to consult with them at their invitation. He further stated that thus far only a few men in Washington knew of his existence in the Pentagon. And few leaders had availed themselves of his advice during these past three years. He felt there was still so much to do and yet his time of departure was getting near. He told me that Jesus Christ would not force men to be saved from their mistakes, even though He had already made a way for mankind to be redeemed through His shed blood.

When I asked him where he was from, he replied, "I am from the Planet that is called Venus. I asked him how many visitors from Venus were presently on Earth and he said, "There. Later, I was able to verify them with my parents and grandparents. He gave me information regarding the gravitational pull of Venus in comparison to Earth. I was informed that the abdominal muscles hold flesh firm against the mild gravitational pull, which is three-twentieths less than that of Earth.

He gave me information which would be revealed to others over a period of years. Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end.

WordPress Shortcode. Brigita Follow. Published in: Design. Full Name Comment goes here. Harley Byrd, nephew of Adm. Richard E. Byrd, and an epilogue by Valiant Thor himself, as well as several interesting photos, covering years of UFO history.

A must-have for the serious paranormal researcher.

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