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06,  · Freelee e Banana Girl reveals insane daily diet on TikTok A vegan influencer starts her day off by eating half a watermelon, followed by four bananas as a Au or: Hannah Paine. Diet guru Freelee e Banana Girl shared rare snap of her weight transformation Leanne Ratcliffe, 37, says switching to a raw vegan diet in 2001 saved her life e vegan advocate says rough clean. Apr 14,  · Meet Freelee, e self-proclaimed 'diet guru', who eats as many as 51 bananas per day in a bid to stay slim and heal y - unsurprisingly she's also known as e Banana Girl. e YouTube and Au or: e Huffington Post UK. Freelee e Banana Girl says she follows a high-carb, low-fat vegan diet at consists mainly of fruit. She eats 2,000 to 5,000 calories a day — and doesn’t eat any ing cooked or heated until after 4pm. is, she says, has helped her shed 40 pounds over e years. 18,  · Vegan cyclist YouTuber who used to go out wi Freelee e Banana Girl is bashed in front of his new girlfriend at a ket. A vegan cyclist YouTuber, 42, was allegedly assaulted outside. A self-styled diet guru from Australia claims e key to her in physique is ingesting massive amounts of fruit, including up to 51 bananas a day. Freelee e Banana Girl touts e reputed benefits of her lifestyle on her YouTube channel. Freelee e Banana Girl is a very outspoken advocate for e vegan lifestyle. She has gone to some great extremes in her advocacy in e past, going so far as to make reats against people at eat meat! But ere was a time in her life where Freelee herself was any ing but a vegan! Apr 21,  · Leanne Ratcliffe, or Freelee e Banana Girl, is known for her extreme vegan diet Freelee made claims about COVID-19 so dangerous YouTube deleted em She claimed e pandemic is a government ploy. For close to years, Leanne Ratcliffe - aka Freelee e Banana Girl - has been known for her passionate and often controversial videos about veganism. e 36-year-old Australian YouTube star. 15,  · Raw til 4 is not her first diet e-book ei er, Radcliffe released Go Fruit Yourself, an account of her raw, vegan lifestyle in . Radcliffe’s new ebook reportedly sold over 3,000 copies in e first 24 hours – but experts aren’t convinced. How to go Raw Till 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEw8GvTrzEM Save yourself a lot of money and pain by grabbing my ebook here: //www.30bananasaday.c. 06,  · An Australian vegan famous for roasting o er people's eating habits has baffled her followers after sharing a typical day of raw food eating. Freelee e Banana Girl. 293.9k Followers, 511 Following, 1,746 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Vegan Frugivore (@freelee ebananagirl)1.8K posts. I ink we all have probably seen a Freelee e Banana Girl youtube video, or be familiar wi her raw till 4. Don’t do it. A disproportionate amount of creators who have made why I’m no longer vegan videos have followed Freelees diet at some point. I try to give freelee her credit when it’s due, but raw til 4 was a disaster. 23,  · Tana Mongeau has been gaining weight in since quitting e Vegan plant-based lifestyle in . She is now clearly sick and unheal y. Freelee e Banana Girl points is out in her new video where she responds to Tana Mongeau's recent wifey cooking video.It’s clear Tana is not well and gaining weight from her new diet of animal bits and pieces. 29,  · Freelee e Banana Girl has risen to social media fame as a passionate advocate for strict veganism, who endorses her ‘raw til four’ diet plan while sometimes eating up to 51 bananas a day.. e 36-year-old Youtuber from Adelaide, whose real name is Leanne Ratcliffe, has also attracted a great deal of controversy for her rejection of conventional science (she’s previously claimed. Share your videos wi friends, family, and e world. Apr 12,  · DIET ‘guru’ Freelee e Banana Girl is causing a stir wi her raw vegan diet, at can see her eating more an 50 bananas a day. Network Writers News Corp Australia April 12, 4:33am. 06,  · Vegan YouTube star Freelee e Banana Girl has come under fire after posting several videos criticising a younger vlogger’s diet. has made a name for herself by following a strict vegan . r/vegan is is a place for people who are vegans or interested in veganism to share links, ideas, or recipes. A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clo ing or any o er purpose - e Vegan Society. Freelee e Banana Girl, real name Leanne Ratcliffe, is an Australian vegan advocate who rose to fame online in after her 50-bananas-a-day diet went viral. is banana based diet is why Leanne is known as e banana girl. An often controversial figure, Freelee e Banana Girl has posted many videos on her YouTube channel at promote her raw vegan diets, unique lifestyle and commentary . Bananas are e ultimate weight loss food! Freelee, e banana girl has lost over 40lbs eating all e bananas she cares for. Sometimes up to 50 in one day. If ey made you fat en she should be OBESE instead of leaner and heal ier an ever have been.68 pins. Freelee e Banana Girl (bad diet advice) talks about Tess Munster. Close. 29. Posted by. Dr. insplain. F, 5'6, 170 Found Fatlogic 120. 5 years ago. Went fruitarian for a week while be a vegan back in e day, and I gained weight. You literally have to be exercising constantly like em to lose weight. She used to make a date shake. ,  · A Day in e Life of a High Carb Vegan wi Freelee e Banana Girl - Duration: 11:31. Freelee e BananaGirl 1,940,672 views. 23,  · 1 mon free. Find out why Close. My 92 Pound Weight Loss Transformation A Day in e Life of a High Carb Vegan wi Freelee e Banana Girl - Duration: 11:31. Apr 01,  · Freelee e Banana Girl, or Leanne Ratcliffe, is a Youtube sensation wi over half a million subscribers. e vlogger from Adelaide is a strict vegan, and most of her videos involve critiquing bulls**t diet programs and giving advice to her followers about how to lead a heal y lifestyle. 13,  · Leanne Ratcliffe, better known as Freelee e Banana Girl is a Youtuber from Australia whose channel ‘promotes’ a fully raw vegan lifestyle. ere is no denying e 40-year-old social media star looks good! She is slender, toned and beautiful. But many have an issue wi e stars approach to spreading e vegan message. Freelee e Banana Girl has been a fruitarian cyclist for many years. She is known for her immense popularity in e world of social media as well as e influence she has had on turning ousands of people to e vegan, raw vegan and fruitarian diets. Freelee is also known for e popularization of e Raw Until 4 Diet. e diet is more intense an it sounds: eat only raw fruit until 4 p.m., and a high-carbohydrate vegan meal for dinner. According to Australia’s Adelaide Messenger, Ratcliffe claims to have. 09,  · E diet involves eating a large amount of raw fruit until 4pm and a high-carbohydrate vegan meal for dinner. Tapeworm diet e key is to let e . 30,  · Vegan vlogger FreeLee e Banana Girl, from Australia, made headlines in e past for scarfing down 51 blended bananas and surviving on a low-fat, . Freelee e Banana Girl, 40, shares her 'insane' daily diet wi fans. Outspoken vegan blogger Freelee e Banana Girl has shared footage of her unique daily diet, which includes half a watermelon for breakfast and vegan ice cream [ ] Read full article: Freelee e Banana Girl. Freelee started her channel to keep a record of her progress and to spread aeness about her diet techniques to help revive o er lives. She has been following a strictly vegan diet since 2006 and has shed over 20 kilos weight. She shows off her toned body regularly as a proof at her diet . e Raw Till 4 Diet is vegan diet plan for maximum weight loss which includes raw foods only (mainly fruits) until 4pm followed by a high carbohydrate, low fat cooked vegan dinner. e Raw till 4 Diet includes over 55 full color recipes, a 30 day meal planner, a 30 day shopping list, weight loss testimonials and e full diet guidelines. I wasn’t really into her before, especially when she was pushing e crazy banana diet and her unlimited eating plan, etc. But lately I have been finding her reaction videos to be quite reasonable. She definitely seems to be pushing an e ical angle to veganism now. Her diet recommendations are still a bit unbalanced in my opinion (super high. 19,  · For example, e Dukan diet or e Atkins diet achieving massive results for ose seeking to drop a large amount of weight in a short amount of time. Adversely. on e o er side, we have high carb vegans like free-lee e banana girl who live off an abundance of bananas and potatoes managing to not only loose weight but also achieving eir. Diet guru better known as Freelee, or Freelee e Banana Girl, and famous for eating 51 bananas a day. She is also an au or, YouTuber, an international speaker and educator, and an online raw food coach. One of her more popular videos is titled Ariana Grande Weight Loss on a Vegan Diet. Freelee Bell Popularity. Most Popular 6718. Born. e famous rt4 diet 30 day rt4 meal planner 30 day shopping list weight loss exercise guide 55 recipes wi pictures 217 pages pdf ebook no paper copy included, ebook only more en 150 color pictures raw till 4 guidelines raw till 4 diet ebook by freelee e bananagirl 50 raw till 4 diet weight loss testimonials read more about e raw till 4 diet. Known online as Freelee e Banana Girl, 37-year-old Leanne Ratcliffe has amassed an impressive following for her often-controversial posts wi her latest snap fuelling a series of hateful comments. 27,  · Leanne Ratcliffe, known to her fans as Freelee e Banana Girl, has more an half a million followers on YouTube.. e hoards of online fans watch her videos for advice on eating a raw, vegan. E MOST CONTROVERSIAL COOKBOOK EVER WRITTEN! 5 STAR REVIEWS 12 DAY UNFUCKYOURLIFE GUIDE 60+ LUNCHBOX RECIPE PICS 242 PAGES PDF EBOOK NO PAPER COPY INCLUDED, EBOOK ONLY MY PERSONAL LIFE STORIES LOSE WEIGHT NO STARVING MY NAKED LUNCHBOX EBOOK BY FREELEE E BANANA GIRL FOR VIDEO . Snack: Toast wi apple butter and banana (easy option: apple or banana) Dinner: Hoppin’ John Salad and Kwick Kale ===== DAY 2. Breakfast: Cereal, plant milk (your choice), and banana and berries. Lunch: Vegan veggie burger (use whole grain bread topped wi lettuce, tomato, onion, and your. 16,  · Freelee e Banana Girl, a well-known vegan blogger, posted on her YouTube channel years ago at she stopped getting her period for nine mon s after following a raw, vegan diet. 07,  · Wi out referring to her by name, Alyse (Raw Alignment) addressed e accusations made by Freelee e Banana Girl recently on her channel. e washed up vegan ot Freelee called Alyse a liar, a scam artist, and also said at Alyse is a piece of shit. Obviously e vegan hatemongering has gotten to e now ex vegan YouTuber. 🍌 80 (eighty|ten|ten) e 80/ / is ano er very popular vegan lifestyle. It is similar to e high carb regime wi 80 of e daily intake being carbs heal y fats and vegan protien. 80/ / is a lot more strict an RT4 and doesnt work as well in e real world.It does work better for some people ough in terms of weight loss, which is some peoples aims in a vegan lifestyle.

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